“FOR FRIEND A.” A poem, written onORabout 9 November 2019 (Saturday)

“FOR FRIEND A.” A poem, written onORabout 9 November 2019 (Saturday)

“Friend A,” for YOU I’d rollTheWorldUP and put on a little skirt,

After which, I’d send in a team and ask them NOT to hurt,

Any confidences, for THESE MATTERS, SO very PRIVATE ARE,*

And we don’t ever want to upset MOTHER, so we won’t go too far,

As to upset, estrange or humiliate,

“HER,” whom I’m sure no one could ever hate;

Sure sometimes, she wants to protect us, so we don’t grow up TOO FAST to BE A MAN,

(1) it’s OK to get dirty sometimes and (2) not have to always plan,

To conquer The World or BECOME THE BEST,

So to (1) get a better job or (2) have MORE recognition THAN THE REST.

So, speakingOfThat, let’s take a little rest, and tryTObeEVENaBIT LAISSEZ FAIRE;

It’s OK (perhaps) to occasionally lose a bit of your hair,

And throw caution to the wind and WATCH IT SWIRL IN THE AIR,

And NOT have to ALWAYS strive and stare,

Into the sad eyes of SUPPOSED enemies,

AND we DON’T have to all get down and cry upon our knees;


Dear, Person A: It’s OK (onceINaWHILE) to relax and, maybe, even takeAfall,

And NOT sing a starling offering from Puccini,

But instead A RAP SONG perhaps in New Guinea**

With YOUR MOM (and DAD) and your friend Jane,

AND (even) The Mystic Poet (,

Who we’re all realizing atTHISpoint must be WAY PAST “INSANE.”

fin <3

  • – or PRIVATE “i” (eye?)

** – Pronounced: NEW “Gee nee,” like a Jeannie.

Postnote(s): It’s never that hard, to turn your head to one side,

And RELAX. YouCanDoIT. Even with obnoxious folks, you CAN reside,

WITHOUT SAYING: “Bye, Folks,” for there is STILL a good chance,

That you can NOT try so hard and still (pause) HAVE TIME TO DANCE.

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