“EUREKA.” a poem, a.k.a.: “On The Subject of Tardiness.” 11/04/2019 Monday

I THINK I have discovered an ANSWER TO THE QUESTION,

Of: “Is there REALLY ‘CHRONIC?’ or isIt based upon suggestion?”

Let’s take a recent example and see what we might find;

ABOUT THE SUBJECT “CHRONIC,” and, if it’s something OF THE MIND.

So, today our topic, students is: BEING LATE or NOT,

Raised by teachers&employers, who say, “You MUST be ON THE DOT,”

AND “You, of course, MUST be punished, for wasting precious time,”

And “Tardy peopleMustBeCalled ‘chronicallyLate,’ ” & “Lateness is a sure sign,

Of ‘passive/aggressive’ tendencies.” {Diagnosis: CHRONICALLY LATE}

“Superiors” can become despondent and ENRAGED, if you make them wait,

And, of course, “A chronic person, they WILL, they will be late again.”

“I can put you IN A BOX for this grave, grave sin;”

“Yes, oh, yes, itWill beTHE END, THE END of you and me,

Because I WON’T TOLERATE YOU for such ABUSE; just you wait and see.”

I wonder about The Pygmalion Effect? Will itINSURE I’ll soon be late?

There are, of course, people who might say: “ThisIsYourTerribleFATE,”

“Three strikes and you are out [of] my class; I won’t takeANY MORE;

GOOD BYE FOREVER, ‘Late Person,’ please seeYourself out MY door.”

I am writing this toTell you ALL, ThereSimplyARE folks whoWon’t accept a call,

To say that you’ll be a little late, Because NO EXCUSE will EVER sate,

TheirDecisionThat: “YOU MUST BE ON TIME;”


IF you want their affection, youKnowWhatYouMUSTdo:

You MUST be on time, or your time with them is through;

However, I might point out: Even if you do EXACTLY as they like,

They are liableSTILL to figure out another reasonForYou to take a hike.

It might be (1) how you dress, (2) how you smell or (3) how you talk;

It might be (4) your associates (5) the fact you’re ordinary or (6) the way you walk

Or just “whatever,” just because, if a friendForAnyReason condemns you, then,

TheyAreLiable to threaten you OFTEN and again and again,

And I mightAlsoSuggest: DON’T read this to someone whose ultimatums are so strong,

Or they’ll leave you SIMPLY FOR READING IT unless, happily, they are among,

A fairly small percentage of the world’s po pulation,

WhoCanSay: “YouMightBeRight; I’mTOOstrict;” then, jump WITH JUBILATION.

fin <3

IF you want to play baseball with me, then 3 strikes & you’re OUT;

The God of Time is quite sublime, but is often seen to pout. A LIMERICK, presented after viewing Caroline Myss’ 2019 Lecture in Canada:

“To beOrdinary is oft’ frowned upon,” / Said a speaker, whoWasRecently talking on: / TheSubjectOf: “How we MUST pray / IN AN ORDINARY WAY.” /Suddenly, MANY folks in the audience WERE GONE.

Fancy that the Mytic Poet can’t read a clock
He doesn’t want one
Oh what a wonderful World
Of the Mystic Poet 😁
Mystic Poet

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