“OF ROMANCE, RELIGION, TENNIS & TIME.” a poem 11/29/2019 (Friday)

A “set” for a “game,” and a day for a year;

A comfortable PATTERN might be: a girl and a beer.

A pathway to Heaven basedOn some sta te gy;

Is a typical pattern I often will see.

Patterns are comfy, and WeLikesIT that way;

Why “mix it up,” whenYouCan BeComfortable all day;

A time saving device? like a meal shake? or The Mass?

Nutrition. Salvation. or a comely, willing lass.

Alas (pause) though such patterns of “confident strain,”

Seem Mundane? andUncertain? Or ineffectual,


OF SOME CHANGE perhapsSuggest: “Change is good?”

Is it THEN? OK to play a set, not just a game and escape comfort,


But, when patterns for comfort areHELD forTooLong,

You only can sing The Same LifeTime Song,

And, IF Jesus appeared, you would miss him UNLESS,

YouCouldSomeHowUse new eyes to uncover The Mess,

Of The Sameness, the monotony, that control every age?

Of life on This Planet. Shall we? PERHAPS? turn a page?

Shall we try something different? just to just realize,

That Heaven is HERE, soYouNeed NOT traumatize,

Yourself with a (Heaven forbid) SET or even A MATCH IF you play,

Relaxed, withoutConcernOFwinning, then you might cruise through the day,

And NOT BE ADDICTED to a certain, patterned routine,

Occasionally switching the beer for new wine that I’ve seen,

And, with fresh eyes and views, the next girl you might see,

Is a Sheela from Australia who’ll play tennis with me.

fin β™₯

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Published by J Jay Samuel Davis

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"

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  1. Change is Good ? As long as it is not change for change sake or to promote the inner ego of mankind’s WANT as for instance many want to β€˜ stop climate change β€˜ but nobody has said HOW! We the people need to change us not others first and then change will happen as if a miracle has taken place in our ❀️ Amen

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