“A WILDERNESS PRODUCTION.” a poem November 11, 2019 (Monday)

“A WILDERNESS PRODUCTION.” a poem November 11, 2019 (Monday)

“Mind your ‘p’s & q’s!’ ” “Throw caution to The Wind.”

“Let’s not be reckless, man.” “You’re wallowing in sin.”

“Go to church and pray.” “The Wilderness is My Home.”

“READ & STUDY, I say.” “I shall write a poem.”

“I want to make you happy.” “And I wish happy for you.”

“Good guys finish last.” “YaNeedTherapy.”

SoHere’sAClue: (pause)

ABOUT HOW TO SPOT “THE DEVIL”: (S)he accuses and controls,

And says: “Do things DIFFERENTLY,” and (S)he has certain goals,

Which are based on the notions of better and/or worse,

And (S)he wants SO MUCH to “master” The Universe.”

NOW, “THE POOR, OLD CHRIST”: is often “laissez-faire;”

“CommeCiCommeCa,” (S)he likes to wear;

(S)he laughs a lot; at least, more than most,

And (S)he likes to be “an easy host,”

Trying to comfort and set you at ease,

And is not demanding, if you please.

fin <3

“Jesus, thank you for your service.” The Mystic Poet, on Veteran’s Day.

“Others, Lord; others.” Jesus of Nazareth, The “Only Begotten” Son of God.

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