” I’m in love with you ” ~ the ” Default ” Button πŸ’₯

“THE DEFAULT SETTING.” a poem of humorous retirement, a.k.a.: “When Mystique Arises.” Nov. 4, 2019 (Monday)

There’s a default setting I found me to avoid too much trouble.

Wanna hear it? It’s “I LOVE YOU” which USUALLY keeps “the bubble,”

From bursting, (pause)

FORnearlyEveryMemberOf”TheHoard” will go with/for THAT.

However, some folks have A PART that goes: “That’sSHALLOW, you crazy cat,

You BETTER come up with SOMETHING better than ‘I LOVE YOU;’


Do you think you are. YOU BETTER BE MORE UNIQUE,

‘Cause I deserve more, Buddy Boy; my name, it is MYSTIQUE.”

Anyway, sometimes that happens. You know: “Play Mystique For Me,”

And I better react P. D. Q. so I get down on bended knee,

And PRAY TO MY “GOD ASPECT” and ask for some aid,

And hope GOD doesn’t say: “I’m busy; I’ll be there in a minute, MAID;”

Anyway, so you MUST BE CAREFUL, for, if GOD is too late too late even by a little,

MYSTIQUE will have reduced YOU to TEARS, torn and brittle.

Anyway, LIFE’S NOT THAT SCARY. Is it? Isn’t it all right,

That at the bars, upon that FIRST ENCOUNTER, everyone’s nice&polite,

But, then, you get to know them. Is that when TheFearOfGod goes into your soul?

ISN’T LIFE GRAND? Sometimes, I wish I was a mole,

And I could hide underground and escape massive trauma,

From upset parts of my friends and me and, of course, Trump, Putin, Kim Jung-un & even Obama.

“Well, guys, I LOVE YOU I really do. (pause)

Please don’t kill me tonight, until I’ve had a chance to REALLY getToKnowYou.”

OK, so maybe this Default Setting is not that great& won’t work all the time,

BUT, perhaps, it will give me a chance to run really far,

To RUN SAFELY AWAY from this rhyme.

fin <3

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Just Kidding not me 😊

“JUST KIDDING.” a poem November 4, 2019 [MONDAY]

“You know ABOUT THAT LAST POEM the last one? Well, I was only JOKING.

Take me seriously πŸ‘½

You know YOU CAN’T TAKE ME SERIOUSLY. I was merely poking,

Poking around probing PROBING for your FUNNY BONE.

I know your funny πŸ˜„ bone!?

Just kidding, just joking I hope it didn’t make you moan;

I hope it didn’t cause you alarm, or get ya to think REAL serious.

I’m never serious, ALTHOUGH maybe SINCERE? Wasn’t it delirious?

Don’t you wanna STILL clickAlittle ‘LIKE’ upon THIS bloody site?

Just joking. KIDDING. Ha, ha, haHa. Don’t you see the light?

What? You mean: THAT YOU REALLY TOOK IT, reallyTookIt TO HEART?

No. ComeOnNow. COMEon. We don’t have to start,

Considering that this rubbish THAT I scribble [around] here and there,

Really has any particular meaning or value.”

&thenSomeone will tear,

Me from LIMB 2 LIMB and break my bones with their bloody hands,

Saying: “I don’t wanna hear this.”

“Who really understands,

What it is we’re doing. LIFE’S SUCH A MYSTERY,

Maybe Stephen King shouldREALLYhAVEcalledHisStoryMISERY,

By another title, like: ‘What All Of Us LOVE To Do,

OVERandOVERagain EVERY DAY, to every one.’ “

“Break my feet; then, I’ll sue,

And, CAN’T I BREAK YOUR BONES TOO? Aren’t we having so much fun.

LIFE. A MYSTERY. I love you, My Wayward Son.” πŸ™‚ – L. O. L.?

fin <3