~ Whispering in Wattle -Boughs – Adam Lindsay Gordon

OH, gaily sings the bird! and the wattle-boughs are stirred And rustled by the scented breath of Spring; Oh, the dreary wistful longing! Oh, the faces that are thronging! Oh, the voices that are vaguely whispering! Oh, tell me, father mine, ere the good ship crossed the brine, On the gangway one mute handgrip, we […]


Old American Twang πŸ˜‚

We used to use the term “conniption” in Montana, when I was growing up; we only used it in the term CONNIPTION FIT, and a person would “have a conniption fit” if they were VERY upset. 😁- It is a made-up word, used by “Country Folk,” like The Beverly Hillbillies; it falls into the category […]

The Swimmer – Adam Lindsay Gordon Australia

With short, sharp violent lights made vivid,To the southward far as the sight can roam,Only the swirl of the surges livid,The seas that climb and the surfs that comb,Only the crag and the cliff to nor’ward,And rocks receding, and reefs flung forward,And waifs wreck’d seaward and wasted shorewardOn shallows sheeted with flaming foam. A grim […]

How about here my Lord ~

“ISSUES UPON ISSUES.” a poem October 31, 2019 (Thursday) “You’ve got SO MANY ISSUES; how could you ever think that (you know) WE COULD BE TOGETHER?” “YOU’RE RIGHT; I’ve ISSUES. More than any change in the weather.” ISSUES. ISSUES. They must be stacked a million miles high. “There are so many issues, Ican’tDealWithThem; I’veSoManyTears in […]

“IS IT APPROPRIATE?” a poem “For Halloween?” October 31, 2019 (Thor’s Day)

“IS IT APPROPRIATE?” a poem “For Halloween?” October 31, 2019 (Thor’s Day) I went to this lady; “Is it appropriate?” She said; “I don’t want it race y or swollen or red; I don’t want it dicey or spice y just green, OrMaybeADabOfPurple, for I fear what I’ve seen, From YOU in The Past; we’ll […]

“[TRUE] LOVE’S ONLY MISSION.” a poem October 31, 2019 (Thursday)

“[TRUE] LOVE’S ONLY MISSION.” a poem October 31, 2019 (Thursday) “Why do you think I’ve come?” Said LOVE; “Cause you’re a bum, WhoWantsToBreakMyHeart?” “No, try again.” (pause) “To convince me? that I’m steeped in sin?” “Nope. That’s close; now, you have only 3 more guesses.” “Is it to deny me any pretty dresses?” “Nope. Now, […]

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