Wise Words From The Mystical Poet ~ Words of Wisdom

“EVERY POEM I DID READ.” a poem, re. Mystical Poems: Friday, 29 Nov. 2019 Every poem, it is a seed; so, every poem you read, Is one you can “forget,” forever? for you never need, To memorize or figure out the meaning of each line, For interpretations are as the stars, And none of them […]


The Perfect Failure Equals Perfection ๐Ÿคด

“THE FAILURE.” a poem November 29, 2019 (Friday) I LOVE being a failure and being on “the short end of the stick;” I like “missing out” and NOT getting even a lick; I like lots o’ rejection mean looks and “He’sHopeless” sighs, And I love NO ATTENTION from your gorgeous eyes. I am never in […]

Change is Good ~ ๐Ÿคก

“OF ROMANCE, RELIGION, TENNIS & TIME.” a poem 11/29/2019 (Friday) A “set” for a “game,” and a day for a year; A comfortable PATTERN might be: a girl and a beer. A pathway to Heaven basedOn some sta te gy; Is a typical pattern I often will see. Patterns are comfy, and WeLikesIT that way; […]

Memories ~

An amazing presentation. I am so glad this is still available . . . Thank you, Carel. According to the film, Aphrodite NOW lives in Sweden, married to Creativity. “CYPRUS.” a poem, November 29, 2019 History twists and turns, like poems, AND has A way ofSEEMINGLY destroying homes. NO matter how nice; no matter where, […]

The Sad Tale of Thomas The Turkey ๐Ÿฆƒ

“THE SAD TAIL OF THOMAS.” a (Thanksgiving?) poem, for Thursday, Thanksgiving: November 28, in The Year of Our Lord Thomas 20 and 19 a.k.a.: “What To Do The Night Before You Die.” “YOU ALL ARE SO PRETTY,” He said, at The COCKtail bar, forHeHAD “preprogrammed, male lust.” The fellows all went: “Come on, man;” each […]


“HOW FRAIL AM I?’ a poem November 28, 2019 (Thursday) You can cut me with a piece of paper, wound me with a word; Just one [mean] look from President Trump , and I might “drop a turd,” Because I AM scared s _ _ _less, with just one nasty glance, And I can shake […]

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