“WHAT IS A CYNIC?” a poem October 8, 2019 (TUESDAY)

“WHAT IS A CYNIC?” a poem October 8, 2019 (TUESDAY)

It’s A GUY whoThinks this place or condition can NOT be “improved” up on.

(Some say) “Oh, YES, it can. New paradigms are NOT a con.

NEW & IMPROVED CAN be our future,”

Sure, AND I REALLY liked theGuyWhoReplacedCharlieSheen, y’know:

Ashton Kutcher.

The thing is though CHARLIE’s GREAT, although crazy as a loon,

And Ashton? He’s also a blowhard, a “That 70’s Show” kindAcartoon.

I FIGURE well, they’re BOTH GOOD, but SO WHAT;

I see NO IMPROVEMENT; just different stuff from a different nut.

WALNUTS ARE GOOD; PECANS, are they better?

Has life IMPROVED? since the advent of the InterNetter?

I THINK NOT; this place stays (basically) just the same,

A goofy contrivance with Here & There a different name,

Or a different model, explaining the same Old Mys tery;

LIFE around here is, perhaps [Well, some of us might agree],

JUST TO BE CHANGED, NOT IMPROVED; not elevated or rarified;

IT’S JUST “DUALISTIC GARBAGE: a dung heap which,

God(?) has supplied.

fin β™₯

Birds will sing; cats will scratch;

TheHornyBoy’llStill grab TheNearestSnatch.

The sun ’round here, well, it doth shine,

And MoneyPowerWhatever will be written about in clever rhyme?

Until time dwindles down (which it never will),

And everyone stops taking THE NEXT NEW & IMPROVED MEDICATION PILL.*

  • – which they never will stop taking, I mean.

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