“SPEAKING WITH NO ONE, ON AND ON.” a poem for Sunday, Oct. 13, 2019

Studying ABOUT IT, I’m SUREwillGIVEit TOyou;

Thinking & (so-called) Learning ALWAYSmakesME go (pause) “Boo Hoo.”

The Road to Heaven DIRECTLY mayNOTbe pondered upon;

The World of Study wants YOU FOREVERas its pawn.

HowWillYouDescribe THE SACRED SMELL unless you place your nose,

There into The Sacred Place? Yes, this I do suppose:

(That) 99 point 9 per cent of those who often speak,

Of thatWondrousEnticingAroma WON’Tallow themselves to peek,

Into The Heavenly Condition, for they’re juggling many words,

So busy&joyousWithWhatThey’veFound; theyHaveNoRealTurds,

For, theyAreOverjoyed to BeInA “constipated style,”

As they talkAboutIT on and on DisplayingA “crooked” smile,

“Am I trying to convince others that I know these things I say,

When I will never, never know, for Isteer so far away,

From being stupidIN THE MOMENT, admitting: ‘I don’t know;’

And I will never, Honey Child, so, to the library I go,

AND LEARNandLEARN (pause) more and more, soTo say that: ‘I’m aware.’

I’ll reinforce forever and hide my every care?”


Won’t YOU acknowledge it too?”

I love to speak WITH NO ONE;

That’s what I like to do.

fin β™₯

limerick: The ego so just wants to know, Even one thing so that it might go, To "The Head of The Class," "It would be such a gas; But EVEN ONE SEED I won't sow."


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