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“TAKING EVERYTHING FOR GRANTED.” a poem a.k.a.: “Welcome, Sheep To The Slaughter.” October 18, 2019 (Friday)

Mystic Poet Laureate loves all women

Maybe this time 😇😇

“TAKING EVERYTHING FOR GRANTED.” a poem a.k.a.: “Welcome, Sheep To The Slaughter.” October 18, 2019 (Friday)

When girls get SECURITY, they then go to sleep;

I am thinking about you 😁

When guys get HER, they’ll eat and eat.

THEY BOTH GET exactly WHAT THEYthinkTheyNeed and/or WANT:

Some, the peace (and cuddle), for the others, a yummy – – – – grunt,

THEN, they take IT for granted; bleet, bleet, beep.

We’re sheepWithoutAshepherd, so we forget, and, then, we weep.

“I wanna treat; it just can’t keep, and, forAtouch, IwantYourDisease,

So, lemme lick you, lick you, in all the wrong? places. PLEASE.”

“I guess I have a death wish, But GOD HAS MADE THIS TASTY DISH;

A tasty little, necessary snack, So, weCanReturn, youKnow, get BACK

To Paradise and see GOD, who, then, perhaps, STICKS US IN ANOTHER BOX,

So we can be compelled to COUPLE and, once more, get THE KILLER POX.”

Back & Forth we go, TRANSCENDING and, then, JOINING again,

In the arms of moreOfTheSame in This World of Sin,

With disease and tears and broken hearts;

Many stops along the way and, of course, many starts.

Insanity rules the blessed, tricky day / & also ALL we do; please, I want you to STAY,

And KILL ME SOME MORE; / you know, it’s much more of a chore,

TO TRY TO AVOID “GOD’S” CALL; / we might as well give in and fall,

For THE TRICKS of The Lord. / Is it Satan or has “God” poured,

THE ELIXIR for us OF torturous LUST, / But I, of course, will put all my TRUST,

In being Divinely Led & Inspired, / And NOW you’re telling me “God” has fired,

Up my engine “eternally” TO MAKE LOVE? / Isn’t it UNFAIR that, from UP ABOVE,

“The Puppeteer” is BLAMING THE MARIONETTE, / For all this trouble, but I bet,

IT DOESN’T MATTER really MUCH, / So PLEASE, Honey, give me some touch,

And I’ll take it for granted pretty soon, just like everything ells e,

‘Cause I’m INSANE; isn’t it great visitingAnInfiniteVARIETY OF HELLS?

fin <3


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