Many times you may question my love I send to you even when I don’t know you well.

Let me explain throughout my life it was not always easy, I have been abused, and used.

I have worked very hard in many professions.

I have sat with many people who needed a friend, and I have cried about their pain.

I was raised an atheist, so when I came to study books on life, I could feel our Savior around me and went to a number of religious places. I left because something was missing that I had when it was just God and me.

I have been taken advantage of many times.

Now I come back to my first line.

I have shown love to you all for the God in me (Holy Spirit) allows me to feel this beautiful love towards you and it feels personal each time.

How blessed I am, but because I have been through so much in life, but I can feel what you are going through.

I would like to make one thing very clear, your not a ordinary person but a very wonderful creation that God calls you to him so you know you are loved and you don’t need to be radical to be noticed.

Let this day be one where you talk to the Father through the Son Jesus Christ.

Know I am your brother no matter what your age.

And I will hear your call and be guided and help you through to the Holy Spirit.

Bless you, all on your journey and know you are never forgotten.

You are created in the image of our Father.

So be it.

Author Unknown

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