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“POETIC INCENTIVE INCEPTION.” a poem about “The Making of a Poem.” October 15, 2019 (2zzzzzDay)

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“POETIC INCENTIVE INCEPTION.” a poem about “The Making of a Poem.” October 15, 2019 (2zzzzzDay)

“What INVITES a poem? (pause) What’s your motivation?”

“WHY, it’s YOU; it’s ‘you OUT THERE,’ YouInTheWorldOrNation,
Waiting, ever silently? for’Asign,’Or’glitch,’ MATRIX STYLE;
Suddenly, an anomaly’s spotted wayOFF manyAmile;

It can surge right through The Internet, over Tum bl r OR Face Book;
Something will strike YOUR PRECIOUS FANCY, and you will ‘take a look.’

Some INHERENT CHARM arrives; it’s like an ‘ah ha moment,’
Just what’s needed or ALL IS LOST ‘thePerfect, rhyming com ment.’

‘OH, MY GOD,’ you might express; ‘it’s what I needed to hear,’
And you notice on your cheek has appeared a tear,
WhichWillMeanThat an invisible handHasTouch’YourHeartOfHearts,’
Meaning, perhaps, ‘a seed’s been planted’ and yes, then, something starts.

A start, a germination, awakening a FOND DESIRE,
Which has been shivering IN THE DARK, seeking some sweet fire,
Or a favorable spark, sparkingFrom A TOUCH OF LOVE,

And that, Dear Friends, is WHY, oh why,
It’sAboutYOU, [whom] I’M DREAMING OF.”

fin ♥

Lesson one in life, be grateful to have a Family at Home 🏡


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