J Jay Samuel Davis

“OUR HAPPY FAMILY.” a poem, October 16, 2019 (Odin’s Day)

“OUR HAPPY FAMILY.” a poem, October 16, 2019 (Odin’s Day)

Go potty for mommy, and eat for her too;

Be a good girl/boy; watch out what you do.

Our parents gotta be happy; then, things will be nice,

‘Cause we all want things [to be] SUGAR and SPICE.

A good, happy life, it is here for us today;

We like to hold hands, and we like to pray.

So, let’s all smile pretty: brush, wash and dress;

Sure, life OUT THERE may be kind of a mess,

But, here, with our family, The Lord will sit down,

And people in our house seldom do frown.

Let others come to us, if they need some help:

Our kitty goes “Meow Meow;” our dog goes “Woof Yelp.”

Yes, our Happy Household is blessed by The Lord;

Blessings from Heaven on us have been poured.

fin โ™ฅ


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