“OUR CHURCH IS [ALMOST] FRAGRANCE FREE, THANK GOD.” a poem, Tuesday 10/01/2019.

(In our church) We love the cry of bab(i)es, for in them The Kingdom Comes,

Although it becomes “quite ripe” in here, when thatThingHappens with their bums.

We also like a lot of frankincense, for it reminds us of,

The birth of our Blessed Savior, “The Blessings of The Dove.”

We love the way our parents smell, for it reminds us of our home,

And, you know, even fresh air has an odor, so in the outdoors, we like to roam,

But ONE DAY, in walked a stranger, to worship with us HERE;

“Mommy, thatManSmellsFunny,” and the poor man shed a tear,

For he had wandered far and long and had no place to clean;

His clothes were steeped in dust and sweat, but he was kind, not mean,

For years of wandering had humbled him, so he smiled at The Child,

And seemed so shy, embarrassed; yes, he was so terribly mild.

AND AMAZINGLY, on that fine day, The Lord did worship there,

Seeking for the bles sed and THAT ODOR was so fair,

To Jesus thatHeWasAttracted, to and thanks to The Ragged Gent,

That very church is exactlyWhere OurBlessed Dear Savior went.

MORAL: “Maybe itIs that ODORS, we tend to think (of as) (are) BAD,

Are exactly what The Lord prefers, so IfYouSmellStinky, don’t be sad;

Be sad instead by cruelty and mean and nasty thought.

Remember, TheLordReadsHearts and IsAttractedTo[The]NaturalSmellsYouGot.”

fin β™₯

Published by J Jay Samuel Davis

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"

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