OUR ATTITUDE.” a poem about The OldGringo,* Sunday (Oct. 6, 2019) Posted: Monday, October 7, 2019 πŸ™‚

We seek NOTto compete, but to provide,

A venue, where families can abide.

Yes, of course, we have drinks, but sodas too.

This is what we seek to do:

To renovate the now, typical “dark” bar scene

And make it “wholesome,” NOT obscene,

ToEliminate allTheCursing & otherwise, vile,

WordsAnd Actions andToTurnBackTheDial,

ToAmoreLoving Kind andFriendlyAtmosphere.

This, Dear Friends, isWhatWe’reDoingHere.

Iam Monica andMyHusbandDanny;

We’re inviting ALLfriends, OldANDnew YES any,

WhoAreLooking for FUN, andToHave Anice Time.

OursIsHereAsAnEstablishment freeOfMeannessOrCrime.

fin β™₯

β€’ * – our excellent Alpine** cantina . . . OldGringo Coffee & Cocktails.

β€’ ** – Alpine, Texas, U. S. A. <3


Published by J Jay Samuel Davis

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"

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