“(My Man) OG.” a poem October 9, 2019 (Wednesday)

Delores McPherson Amundsen Angee, said that: “I’veFound the’Perfect’Fella for me;

He’s kindly & gentle, artistic & passioned; myOtherHubbieSal wasOften’BadFashioned.’

Thank goodness Sal’s gone, he was awfully stupid;

Every womanGOThIM; he was always WELL CUPID’D.

I’m SO GLAD to be ridOfHim, so glad he’s long gone,

And now I’ve got OG; we two get along.

OG’s my ideal; he’s a comfortable gent; I’mSoAttractedToHim; HEis HEAVEN SENT.”

So, here is THE MOOD of thisHereLittle poem:

“Get to knowAnyOne and, bebe fore long,

You’ll rea lize they’reLacking inMany Ar E a[u]s,

Just like YOUR FAVORITEnephew or Uncle or ‘CUZ.’ “

“Well, maybe I’m right or maybe I’m wrong;

(Yet) my OG makes me swoon when he sings me a song,

(ButI’veNoticedNow) HeDoes things that (sometimes) make me go: ‘GOLL,’

And I wish SOMETIMES he might doSomethingElse, somethingMorelike Sal.

FOR INSTANCE: I had an operation just the other day;

I was stitched up and bruised; I was in An aw ful way,

And when my OG saw me, well, almostOverHeFell,

For he swooned with admiration. Yes, he gives Love SoWell.”

“I (almost) didn’ recognize you, Hon,” he said; “[you’re]SoPrettyNow.”

ME? I’ve got blood and stitches; his Sight’s “OFF” some how;

It seems the more harried and weird that I look,

That OG sees me MORE PRETTY, even when I sook.*

Thing is, beingLockedAway withOG for a day or two,

Makes me feel like Liz Taylor; then, do you know what we’ll do?


AND SCREAM, (pause) and one lady shotAtMe with her “45” gun,

‘Cause I looked quite a lot like an alien from H L L,

But MY OG’s loving eyes, well, they’ll NEVER this tell,

So, I can’t rely on OG or my dog very well,

To tellMe the neighbors’Reaction, whenI lookLikeI’veBeenDraggedFromAwell.

Dear Old Sal, atLeastHeWouldHaveLookedAtMe, looked at me and puked,

And told me I looked ghastly, and sometimes BlessedSal evenRebuked,

ME for “looking just like me,” or, sometimes a little better,

But now I got myOG, who is like an Irish Setter,

Who sits and looks and looks at me all throughout The Days,

And tells me I am pretty in a million different ways.

Moral: So, THERE ARE DISADVANTAGES even to myMan named OG;

I better get used to him, I guess; he’s like a loveStruckLittle dog.

fin β™₯

  • – SOOKING: the state of pouting

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