“MALICIOUS.” a poem, a.k.a.: “The Shadow’s Stew.”* October 15, 2019 (Tuesday)


Can Be Delicious,


Exactly what it’s doing; for instance, let’s suppose,

Someone’s filled with ANGST and wants to “get back” at you,

For hurting “IT;” well, it’s The Shadow, IT likes to fret and stew.

The Shadow’s “STEW” is malicious, passive/aggressive, aRealDarkFreak,

And IT love to hurl three and four letter words out THERE. Eek! Eeeky Eeek.

Now, suppose in This Especial Age of ILLUSION, with texting ever present,

That THE SHADOW gets a hold of that keyboard, it’ll make it effervescent,

By slinging arrows of innuendos and other hurtful things,

In The Cyber Air. “Malicious” isTheTerm The Mind brings,

To “the texting table,”

To hurt poor, sensitive Mabel,**

By alleging HURT where NONE was intended.

TEXTS, malicious can easily be sended,

By people like The Tweeting President, who lives down Drury*** Lane;


For MALICIOUS, texting GAIN?

fin β™₯

  • – The term SHADOW:

** – Ma Bell, a nickname for The American Telephone & Telegraph Corporation.

*** – or DREARY

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