LIMERICK CORNER. “Fo(u)r Limericks About Appointments.” Friday 10/04/2019

“Legal Requirements.”

I’ve got an appointment to see,

The GodOfThe Ju di ci ary;

He toldMeIwas ILLEGAL;

So, I said: “Sick him” to my beagle,

Who’s name is: “I’llLiftMyLegAndOnYourLegI’llPee.”

“Two Necessary Appointments, Neither Of Which Are.”

The OnlyAppointmentsYou ShouldHave inTown,

AreWith TheUndertaker orMaybe (with) TheGodWhoDoesn’tFrown;

NOT with Den tistry “Docs,”

ForThoseFolks are likeHawks,

WhoThink theirBullshit’ll “fly” with a crown.

“We Are Taught That We Must ‘Set Up’ Appointments.”

Appointments are a real silly thing,

WhenWe’reTaught: “Every6months you GOTTA bring,

Your carcass to their lair,

YouKnow, their offices so bare?

So docs, dentistsAndLawyers can sing.

“When The I.R.S. Starts This, Be Wary.”

When TheInternalRevenue appointmentsStartsToSetUp,

It may be high time for this pup,

To goLive way DownUnder,

Where atLeastTheyWon’tSeize”MyPlunder?”

YouKnow, the little bit of cash in my (giving) cup.

fin โ™ฅ


Published by J Jay Samuel Davis

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"

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