J Jay Samuel Davis

Highly Sexual Content ~👀

“WARNING! STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT?” a poem a.k.a.: “ ‘Smack Your Bum’ & Other Sexual Phrases Not To Be Used In ‘MIXED COMPANY!’ “ Sept. 28, 2018 – Friday. {We just got the keyboard operating again! It has been out for over 24 hours; it’s one of those “light powered” jobbies! Plus! The “mouse” needed new batteries!}

Person 1: “I’m going-to-SMACK-your-Bum!”

Person 2: “Well!! Just-watch-me – smooch your tum!”

Person 1: “Yea!? Well! I’m gonna piddle;


AND! – TOOTLE with your tutu!”

Person 2: “I’ll oodle – at your woo-hoo!!” 🙂

“You’re bluffing! You sexy thang!

Try me! Here cums – boom-boom-bang!!*

Hey! Watch what you do with that snake!

Or – I’m closing Woe-be-gone Lake!!

With that threat! A tear formed-and-Heart-strings-were plucked –

And our lovers sucked face – and THEN!

They (just) (really long pause!)


Like a cock and a hen!

And – we better stop there – and end with an

🙂 – Amen!

fin. <3

  • 🙂 – So there!!

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