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“HABITS CAN MAKE HEAVEN HEAVENLY.” a poem October 14, 2019 (Monday)

“HABITS CAN MAKE HEAVEN HEAVENLY.” a poem October 14, 2019 (Monday)

Limerick 1: Doing oneThing all the time / Can soonBecome kind of a crime / Yes, variety’sAspice / It’s[often] niceToBeNice / So, withSmiles, goodFriends, let’s all climb.

FallingIntoHabits, So Ea sy to do; We’reCreatures (ofHabit), &In courtrooms too,

HABITS are considered (important) for a jury to consider,

In determining “IF HE DID IT,” forInstance, if you’re “a kidder,”

Then you might have justBeen “kidding around,”

If “I’mGonnaKillHim” is evidenceFromYou they’ve found. (pause)

Now, OF COURSE, KIDDING is FUN, but, if done all of the time,

It might not be the best of things, yet LIFE’s TRICKY, and I’m,

NOT SAYING: “Don’t be funny” or “Always tell the truth,”


But “MEAN HABITS” CAN BE DIFFICULT, difficult forsooth,

When you, for instance, develop the habit, the habit to curse ALL DAY,

Or, if you’re ALWAYS threatening to kill yourself, OK?

Or IF you’re ALWAYS complaining about life gen’rally;

Sure, it’s fun to play around, but PLAYING IT CAN BE,

MANY FORMS, & there’s CRUEL play, when you’re ALWAYS putting down,

The other person for what they do; it’s NAGGING. and, when you frown,

All the time your face gets stuck, SO, SMILE OFTEN, DEAR,

And SayingNiceThingsCanBecomeAhabitTOO & can vanish many a tear.

We can cultivate NICE HABITS, or focus on the ones,

That tend to make other people sad, SO, IF YOU’RE USING PUNS,

TRY TO USE THEM NICELY, NICELY to lift other peoples’ lives,

For life is tough enough as we’re all “buzzing” in our hives:

It’s a habit to always be “buzzing” with pleasant “buzzing” sound,

Or your can practice on “buzzing” where discordance doth abound;

To be habitually pleasant and fun loving I think is very nice,

And if we’re gonna have a regular smell, let’s shoot for “sugar & spice.”

It’s a habit to keep your house clean, clean inside and out;

It’s a habit to wash youAndYourClothes; being presentable’s what it’s about.

It’s a habit to treat most everyone with kindness and respect;

Sure, now, kidding around’s OK, but have you recently checked,

Checked yourself in a mirror toBeSure habits haven’tBecomeMEAN?

Let’s check our countenances, Good Friends, to make sure we’re smiling & clean,

& CHECK YOURSELF TO KNOW, you’re not HABITUALLY exploiting your friend,

For, IF you’re ALWAYS “using” others, your friendships they might end,

And, if you’re ALWAYS complaining, who’ll want to be with you?


Moral: “So, work on nice, kind habits, and here’s to love and laughter,

And cultivating friendships and LIVING HAPPILYeverAFTER.”

fin ♥

Limerick 2: There was aNiceMan from ourTown / Who started to always look down / Then, I noticed, theSky / Was noMore inHisEye / & his skin tone had turned pale brown.

Limerick 3: Julie, my friend, used to walk / AllOver, then, it was a shock / WhenShe just sleptAllDay / She be cameSadAndGray / YouKnowIt’s : HEALTHY toRoll&toRock.

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