“GROTESQUE AND DRIVEN.” a poem 10/05/19 (Sat.) for: infinitethoughts-ofinsanity

The Human Condition, viewed from “afar,”

“Is gross and disgusting?” said Rabbi Selig Starr;*

We’re born, and we grow, in the usual way, Testing the waters of “pornographic bay.”

Then? We “grow up?” andRealize That So cie ty,”

Doesn’t appreciate POOR nah graph y.

So, maybe we get married, have a kid or two, Attend the best church & feel pretty blue,

About all “the mistakes” we made (while “young”) TESTING THE WATER;

We were BAD then, butNowWe’reDoing JustWhatWeAught-ar,

Which is (in “decent,” adult fashion) condemning lust, passion and s – x,

Saying: “If you do THAT, you’ll be spiritual wrecks.”

We’ve got to behave, so “Get your nose outta there,”

For b — s areForBabies andDownThere’s pu – c hair, (pause)

Which is dirty, obscene and needsToBeKeptFromYourEyes.

Sure, I jumped into THAT, when I wore a youngPerson’s disguise,

Before I was unawareOf orStupidlyNotConcernedWith insanityANDdisease,

That all THAT STUFF brings. You KNOW, the birds and the bees,

MustBeKept UNDER WRAPS; it’s justForSensible MarriedFolks,

Who KNOW it shouldn’t be exploited and wouldNEVERtellDirtyJokes.

InfiniteThoughtsOfInsanity, THANKS. HER Tumblr site shows,

Many provocative things with (sometimes) notTooManyClothes,

For (I think) youngISHbodies KNOW There’sBeautyWithSkin,

AndMaybe? SadoAndMasochism is often seen IN,

Heaven, whereas H – L L (absolutely?) prohibits such “displays,”

Of Heavenly bodies and their Heavenly ways.


Of the human condition allows forSomePrettyGood f ,

And licking and smelling, alongWithA grind and a shake;

Remember (backThen?) “testing the water,” maybe oneToeInTheLake?**

And THAT TOE has thanked you through all of these years,

For that toe was sanctified, but now there are [so many] fears,

So, you cover your toe, with aSecretiveSock, & you NEVER say words like p y or c k ,

Even though they areAs “decent” as the SnottyNose on your face,

And, if there was a God, (S)He’d say: “I LOVE THE HUMAN RACE,

And I love all their disgusting, s – xy, dirty REVEL RY;

I wish they’d all jump in the HotTub and be with Jesus and ME.”

fin β™₯

And the “Heaven Bound?” and “decent” and “clean” people reply:

“The Mystic Poet’s disgusting; We just wish that he’d die,

SoHeCan go to THAT VILE PLACE of disease, rot and stench.”

[“ForNow, I’ll just makeLove [out]On aParkBench.” The Mystic Poet.]

  • – A Talmudic scholar who died? in 1989. ** – or a foot or leg? but not for long?

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