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“GETTING RID OF THE ‘FEAR OF CLOWNS.’ ” a poem for Brandon Apodaca, Posted on October 15, 2019 (Tuesday)

“GETTING RID OF THE ‘FEAR OF CLOWNS.’ ” a poem for Brandon Apodaca, Posted on October 15, 2019 (Tuesday)

Brandon,* he had FEAR OF CLOWNS until he met J Jay,

And then his terrible “phobia,” it simply went away.

It was so most remarkable thatAcLOWN, like The Mystic Poet,

Could perform THIS AMAZING MIR ACLE, but this is how we know it:

“Fact is,” said Brandon,* “the only real phobia that I really got,

Is: THE BLOODY FEAR OF CLOWNS; I fear those clowns a lot.

Sure, there’s FEAR OF SPIDERS, of PHONES and DOCTORS too,

Of MONSTERS IN THE NIGHT, My Friend, and LOVE, thatCanMakeYou’blue,’

BUT THE FEAR OF CLOWNS. O. M. G. like Outer Space Clown Killers,

And Pennywise** and Ronald*** too; THESE GUYS are REALLY thrillers.”

Yet, J Jay, even though a clown, was able to cure this “phobe,”

That Brandon had which made him sad. GoodJ simply wore a robe,

A clown nose and some glasses and a dirty cowboy hat,

And gave our Brandon 95 bucks and bought the printed mat,

A framED piece that Brandon had whichWasCalled: FEAR OF CLOWNS.

So, NOW, when Brandon seesAcostumedGent, he seldom even frowns,

Because he knows that CLOWNS ARE RICH, and they might buy a print,

Of Brandon’s excellent artwork;


fin ♥

  • – Brandon Apodaca, famous artist at Sul Ross State University, Alpine, Texas, U. S. A.

** – The supernatural killer clown from The novel/film “It.”

***- Mr. McDonald, who can serve you BIG Macs and greasy french fries and sweetened sodas, all of which can kill the heck out of you, by clogging up your arteries, giving you strokes and heart attacks and Big Mac Attacks and fish attacks on “Fish Friday.” O. M. G., but it all tastes PRETTY GOOD and you can always work it off by going and getting a little exercise, like running or playing tennis or shooting baskets. You gotta sweat to be a good artist, and you gotta eat, you know. OK?

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