“PARADISE.” a poem 13 October 2019 (Sunday)

“The Gates to Heaven” are guarded well, With a sign that reads: “This way to H L L,”

For the way to Paradise is NOT by sight, but BY FEEL (by) feelingIT, all right?

It’sAbout going in THERE, where “The Gods” reside;

There are safeguardsInPlace soYouWON’Tabide,

In “The Arms of God,” in “The Bosom Warm?”

ForInstance, as you approach there is a swarm, Of poisonous, biting insects there;

They REALLY HURT YOU. Why should care,


Why are YOU reading this terrible poem?

(For) IT IS a warning to all concerned, That Paradise is where you get BURNED;

H L L’s aState ofMind, you see, and Heaven too; you will agree,

That whenYouArrive, IT IS INTENSE; it’sNOTsomethingFor People”OnTheFence.”

It’s a total commitment to boredom and strife; it is a place without a wife,

Without any comfort; you are just there, To sit and think, and watch The Desert Air.

Your tour in Heaven seems to be all alone; you sit on “boxes,” and there is no phone.

So, you’reInThisRoom with “building blocks;” a place where no one even talks.

You sit and wonder, “Why’d I come, To THIS PLACE? a: To sit on your bum,

And comeUpwith creativeWays, To keep folks AWAYfROMhERE, from “This Maze,”

Like “Dante’s Inferno,” whichWasAtreatise on: “What Heaven’s like,” My Wayward Son.

The thing is: H L L’s not really so bad; it’s kinda pleasant with a mum and dad;

You get to have an education, And go onA yearly, free vacation,

You get to work from 9:00 to 5:00, And get toKindOfEnjoy BEING ALIVE.

Folks, like Jesus, who live in Heaven, Just sit on these “boxes,” and mimic leaven.

They RISE to create and find new things, ToSendToThe World, this activity brings,

People (in The World) to the conclusion (that) Heaven on Earth,

Is REALLY POSSIBLE, for what that’s worth.

So, “I’m sitting on a box, with a million, million souls,

Stuffed in ONE BODY, and the only goal’s,


So you’ll be content in The Inferno ALLday.”

fin β™₯


Published by J Jay Samuel Davis

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"

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