“DANCE” a poem October 9, 2019 (Odin’s Day)

“Old School,” “New School,” LOVE & “The Dance,”

I grew up in an era whereYOU took your “best chance.”

You would find one, sweet person, who you’d “stay with for life;”

Just look at our marriage vows: “’til death,”as”husband & wife.” (pause)

“GoshThat’sBoring,” “Unnatural” and”Unrealistic,” SOME like to say;

Yeah, but I’m “from Montana;” I ride a pony all day,

Doing “the best I can” with my OneAndOnly*ONE. (pause)

IT SEEMED LIKE, forAlotOfUs, that was a whole lot more fun,

And comforting for your “mate” and sensible too,

So, you weren’t always looking for someone (else?) to screw,

Because “lovingApartner” ‘sNatural; I don’t think s _ x is “bad,”

ButNowIcan’tEvenSay IT because “IT’s INAPPROPRIATE, good lad.”

Well, I think what’s inappropriate is to TELL PEOPLE HOW TO VIEW,

NOTIONS OF S _ _ UALITY. (I think) peopleNeedSomethingElse to do,

Rather than tell me all the time that “This is bad, and this is good.”

Free expressionOfCourse isn’t a”mean” license,

AND, ifYouDon’tLikeMY”notions,” you always could,

Just choose NOT to associate with me, rather than tell me all the time,

About YOUR idea of “right & wrong,” which I think is more of a crime,

Than my using a few (so called) “dirty words,” or looking at naked pics. (pause)

Anyway, I have a beautiful “wife,” who I often “likes to licks,”

And (yes) do other stuff with, and I like to talk about,

S _ X, love and “gettin’ down” without censorsWantin’TaPout. (pause)

So, what I LIKE to do is to be “crazy in love” with YOU;

WeUsedToSay: “Bring IT HOME, Honey,” for a cuddle & a s _ _ _ w,

And, if I seesAfineSheela, walking in The Store,

Sure, I might stare a little, say: “You look good,” andEvenMOre,

I might write a love poem, but I always TRY to be NICE,

And not embarrass her (or him), butNOW (pause) about “spinning the dice,”

My dice are with “My Sweetie,” and she keeps ’em at HOME,

And, when I go to The Dance, I’m NOT there to roam;

I like to be WITH YOU and leaveWithYou afterwards,

And talk “dirty?” with you, using someArguably “dirty, butNotInappropriate,words,”

Like f _ _ _ , p _ _ _ , p _ _ _, lets smell, cuddle & kiss,

And I love “goin’ down” on my favorite MISS,

OnMy OAO, The One I Adore, My Old/NewSchool Honey, whom I love to the core.

We’ll dance and we’ll sweat in “an old fashioned way,”

Which is NEVER out of date, for we’re IN love night and day,

AND we bitch, argue and fight; those whoStayTogether willPlay;


fin β™₯

*O. A. O.: an expression borrowed from my days at West Point, N. Y., The United States Military Academy.


Published by J Jay Samuel Davis

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"

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