Compassion ~ Kindness

Always be the best person you able to be. Be kind when you’re tired. Be understanding even if you are mystified, do more than you asked, and don’t ask for anything in return. Don’t silently expect anything either. Listen when someone talks and really listen too, stop thinking about how you may reply. Tell people you love them and appreciate them too. And when you mess up, apologise to. Never prove to anyone who you are, if they don’t get it, forget it, cause we only have limited time on this earth. Someone else really needs don’t waste your time. Like moths attracted to your flame of compassion follow that passion.


The prettiest smile
Hides the deepest secrets
The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears
The kindest have felt the bittersweet tears of hurt, failure


COMPASSION ~ WISDOM @bestofnatureblog

It hurts when you realise that
You’re not important to
Anyone as you thought you were
These were the days of my life
The last one standing

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