“CENTERING PRAYER, A BUDDHIST CONSIDERATION.” a poem, a.k.a.: “Being Truly Centered In The Body.” 10/15/19 [Tuesday].

There was, IthinkI remember, somethingCalled a “Centering Prayer,”

A Buddhist meditation, which I learned “up there.”

I was upon A LOFTY MOUNTAIN TOP, awayFrom”[The]Din&Flurry,”

Of This Life’s existence; it made me kind of teary.

I heard THE VOICE OF NATURE and felt The Power of GOD;

I went into “my core of cores,” beyond MYspiritAnd “bod.”

I went to Sweet Nirvana and tasted NectarDivine;

“THE CENTERING PRAYER IS HOLY? ItCanMake you feel so fine;

You’ll vibrate ever gently, and some say that you swoon,

Dancing very quietly, communing with The Moon.

I drifted on forever and then returned to Earth;

The Doshi,* (s)he embraced me; I had experienced “Second Birth.”

I breathed, I lived I AM eternal and sublime.

“Here, here,” (s)he said; “haveAmorselOfBread and a wedge of lime;


NOW,” (S)HE SAID (kind of quietly): “SWEEPtheDOJOwithTHIS BROOM.”

For, Centering Prayers are excellent soYou’llKNOWthatYouAreSPIRIT,

But, then it’s time to GETbackTOwork. “Oh, Lord, doI have to hear it?”

WhoWantsToHearAboutToil&sweat NOWthat ‘BACK HERE’ youHave entered?”

“That’s Life,” said(s)heWithAknowingSmile, “ifYouWantToBe TRULY’centered.’ “

fin โ™ฅ

  • – a “teacher,” in some spiritual traditions, who is HOLY, often “holier than Thou.” In the Hindi language, it is someone who carries things in a sack, intending to peddle them.

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