Australian Stock Men ~

Hold hard, Ned! Lift me down once more, and lay me in the shade. Old man, you’ve had your work cut out to guide Both horses, and to hold me in the saddle when I swayed, All through the hot, slow, sleepy, silent ride. The dawn at “Moorabinda” was a mist rack dull and dense, […]

Big Kid On The Block ~

“GOOD UNION.” a poem October 29, 2019 (Tuesday) Be kind. and PLAY. No rules. OK? NoChangin’ME; Iwon’tChangeYou, Although, beSureToTellMeWhatToDo, But, ifIdon’tLikeIt, you’re in trouble, man. I think I have a real good plan: Come to me. Stay right here. And I will: call you: HONEY DEAR. And you will: be my HONEY BEAR; So, justRemember: […]

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