She’s A Man Eater πŸ’―πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

“MS. FAIRLIE’S* ADVICE TO CLOWNS THAT ACT UP IN HER CLASS.” a poem, for October 17, 2019 (Thor’s Day) I went to Carol Fairlie* and I askedHerHowIcouldBE, A FAIRLY goo ood artist clown, and this she said to me: “I really do not know, you clown, for I’mAnAMAZING (pause) ‘Art(e)ist,’ BUT IF you want to […]


Rules ~ who said that ?

“HARD & FAST RULES.” a poem, a.k.a.: “Did You Hear That Elmer Fudd Struck It Rich?” October 17, 2019 (Thursday) “Rules Rule,” says Saturn, The Elder; “Hard & Fast,” just like a welder, Welding solid metal onto an airplane wing, Which will FLY HIGH; then “Crash and Burn,” I sing. (pause) THIS AIN’T NO PLACE […]

“TheTEMPTATIONofSAN ANTONIO.”a poem 17 Oct 2019 (Thurs.,St. Anthony’s Day)

“TheTEMPTATIONofSAN ANTONIO.”a poem 17 Oct 2019 (Thurs.,St. Anthony’s Day) “TheOnlyREALtemptation’s IMBALANCE; we’re temptedToGoLeftORgoRight; AreYouGonnaDenyYourselfAnyAllowance, orLetYourself LoveAlittleAtNight?” The Mystic Poet (You were) BORN INTO TEMPTATION, Born to LOVE, To love yourself; you APPEARED from “Above;” You materialized from “Below,” and NOW “they”* say: “Close THE DOORS, or there’llBeH L Lto pay.” But, you came from H […]

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