Dazzled ~

The day is ending,The night is descending;The marsh is frozen,The river dead. Through clouds like ashesThe red sun flashesOn village windowsThat glimmer red. The snow recommences;The buried fencesMark no longerThe road o’er the plain; While through the meadows,Like fearful shadows,Slowly passesA funeral train. The bell is pealing,And every feelingWithin me respondsTo the dismal knell; Shadows […]

J Jay Samuel Davis

WHY ~ Good looking

“WHY?” a poem, for: Wednesday, the 4th of September, 2019! We ALL just wanna-be-attractive! That’s just All there is to-it! It’s the only reason we smile (Isn’t IT?) and-why-we-dress in nice clothes, And – clean – “the so-ot,”* From our hair! And wash our underwear! And – GO OUT IN SEARCH OF LOVE & WILD […]