Famous Poets ~ Pejar Runs

Deep in the meadow grass Easy stand the cattle, Lightly lock the young bulls In a mimic battle, Pride gathers with each shock, Every break and rally – Thatโ€™s where the Pejar runs, Runs like a slip of silver through the valley. Softly as a thrush sings In the morning hushes, Softly sing the waters […]


Famous Poets ~ Australia Botany Bay

“I’m old Botany Bay; stiff in the joints, little to say. I am he who paved the way, that you might walk at your ease to-day; I was the conscript sent to hell to make in the desert the living well; I bore the heat, I blazed the track- furrowed and bloody upon my back. […]

Famous Poets ~ Scotland to the outback of Australia

Sons of the mountains of Scotland, Welshmen of coomb and defile, Breed of the moors of England, Children of Erin’s green isle, We stand four square to the tempest, Whatever the battering hail- No foe shall gather our harvest, Or sit on our stockyard rail. Our women shall walk in honour, Our children shall know […]

Famous Poets ~ That wandering Man Poet

ITโ€™S singinโ€™ in anโ€™ out, Anโ€™ feelinโ€™ full of grace; Here โ€™nโ€™ there, up anโ€™ down, Anโ€™ round about thโ€™ place. Itโ€™s rollinโ€™ up your sleeves, Anโ€™ whitโ€™ninโ€™ up the hearth, Anโ€™ scrubbinโ€™ out thโ€™ floors, Anโ€™ sweepinโ€™ down thโ€™ path; Itโ€™s bakinโ€™ tarts anโ€™ pies, Anโ€™ shininโ€™ up thโ€™ knives; Anโ€™ feelinโ€™ โ€™s if […]

Famous Poet ~ But the heart of man was a wandering thing

I span and Eve spanA thread to bind the heart of man;But the heart of man was a wandering thingThat came and went with little to bring:Nothing he minded what we made,As here he loitered, and there he stayed. I span and Eve spanA thread to bind the heart of man;But the more we span […]

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