This Is What It Feels Like to Have a Bipolar Manic Episode

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“GETTING MY CHILDHOOD BACK.” a poem, a.k.a.: “Wearing A Kid’s Kilt.” October 7, 2019 (Montag)

“GETTING MY CHILDHOOD BACK.” a poem, a.k.a.: “Wearing A Kid’s Kilt.” October 7, 2019 (Montag)

“Be as little children.” Jesus said one day;
“& what the heck doYou mean by that?” TheDisciples were heard to say.

“Figure it out yourselves,” He said, and then he left them all.
“Bloody Jesus, what does he know?” They decided just to fall,
Back into their same routine, “I’m gonna act like a kid.”
But JesusDidn’tSay: “BeBums;” this isWhat HE did:
With aNeverNew, wondrous mind,
And He never forgot, like [most] little children, to be unusually kind,
By NOT acting like [most]elders, who like being serious and not giving others a hand.

I THINK WEcanBE NOToutONtheSTREET andStillBeKids; d’YaUnderstand?

I DON’T think HEwasSaying: “[Just]DependOnOtherPeople,”
Or “RelinquishAllResponsibility,” or “NeverGoToAchurchSteeple.”
I think he mightHAve meant: “Live with joy and happiness,”
And “HelpAsYou’reAble, althoughYouMightFaceSome stress,”
And get ridiculed a bit, but be carefree, NOT JusTjoining ‘BumsRus,’
& you don’tHaveToSwearLikeAchoirBoy, right? It’s OK to dropAllTheCuss,
And speak with dignity, but with a childlike air,
And THEN life might be a bit more tolerable for you, and DOtryToCare,
When someone’s feeling down; yet, look out for others, but in a moderate way,
For you can GiveAwayAllWorldlyGoods and live under a bridge today,
And then you can encounter a real mean bum, who will steal the little you got,
And then you’ll have to peeOnTheSideOfaRock, ’cause you have no bloody pot.”

Jesus was generalizing “MOST kids are happier than their adult counterparts, dang.”

So, do some “adult stuff,” as an adult with a decidedly happyChildlike lilt,
And, IF you’re in Scotland (or even if you’re not), it’s cool to wear a kilt.

fin โ™ฅ


Written by: O.S.T. Wild

Love is to care
To care is to believe
And to believe is to trust and respect โ€˜Loveโ€™

Love isnโ€™t all sunshine
Isnโ€™t all fair weather
Isnโ€™t all fun and games
Or for the sake of being together;

Love is a new born child.
Love is the animals of the wild.
Love is the stars in the sky.
Love is what is shared between people like you and I.

Written by: O.S.T. Wild


“AND OTHER THINGS.” a poem about Mandy in the series: “Santa Rides Again.” October 5, 2019 (Saturday) POSTED: Sunday, for the new check out girl.

“AND OTHER THINGS.” a poem about Mandy in the series: “Santa Rides Again.” October 5, 2019 (Saturday) POSTED: Sunday, for the new check out girl.

Mandy won’t take (?) candy,

But her hair is blonde & sandy;

And IThink thatGal isDandy,

As she checks out gro cer (sir) ies. (pause)

She smiles, ohShe’s so pretty,

And she’s shy a little bitty,

Like a precious calico kitty.

I justLove her “accessories:” (pause)

Like: She’s slender as a fox,

And she giggles when she talks,

And she jingles when she walks,

But! She has some “trickeries!” (pause)

‘Cause I saw her yesterday,

After hours. This, I say:

“She was spreading angel wings, in The Store, I went: HOORAY.”

For I knew that angel SHE,

HadComeToSaveUs fromMisery,

And, thenSheCaughtMyEye. I’llBe, (pause)

Indebted For E ternity.

Yes, I’m grateful forMandy’sWings,

And Athousand WonderfulThings,

That SHE does to make our lives,

MUCH BETTER; you know, she cries, (pause)

Seeing all our sorrow, but, you know, I bet (that) tomorrow,

[That] SHE might just ask toBorrow some candy from my bag,

And, if I got some treats, SHE’ll say: “Yes, I know YOU, Sweets,

‘Cause I’ve heard of YOUR wings, Santa!

And other splendid feats!

Well, so, Mandy’s onto me, but I thank HER gratefully,

ForKeepingWho(m)IaM SOsecretly and I’ll try to do the same, so there won’t be any blame, when SHE flies again to Heaven in The Skies.

So, IF Mandy looks your way, it means that SHE will pray, soYourLifeWon’tBeSoGRAY, but, likeMe, AT NIGHT SHE flies,

And we sometimes pass up there, but HER wings I’ll never tear, for I’ve told The Reindeer, “Share, IFyouSeeMandyInTheAir. ๐Ÿ™‚ – That’s wise!

fin โ™ฅ