Frederick Childe Hassam ( American 1859 – 1935)
Isles of Shoals Garden (also known as The Garden in Its Glory), 1892


“LET’S FACE IT.” a poem, a.k.a.: “Life is Just Not The Nicest Thing in The World Sometimes.” October 2, 2019 (Wednesday)

“LET’S FACE IT.” a poem, a.k.a.: “Life is Just Not The Nicest Thing in The World Sometimes.” October 2, 2019 (Wednesday)


Sometimes, YOU are catapulted down a chute, and you have to FACE The World,

Even though, as far as you remember, you NEVER signed up for this expedition,

and you’re spanked, forced to stretch out, even though for 9 blessed months, you were comfortably curled,

In Your Mummy’s tummy, relaxing, watch TV and eating well,

And THEN you are asked (?): “Wouldn’t you like to come live in H – L L?”

Sometimes, Mummy & Daddy send you to bed with no dinner;

Sometimes, Your Preacher says: “Little J-Jay, you’re a big, ol’ sinner;

Sometimes, Your Teacher gives you an assignment Einstein would cry about;

Sometimes, Your Best Friend tells you, “We’re through,” and you wanna pout.

Sometimes, The Cops pull you over and give you a big, ol’ ticket,

Because you went too fast or did not “click it;”

Sometimes, gas prices increase so much, you wanna cry out loud;

Sometimes, you get agoraphobia, and you just GOTTA lose that crowd.

Sometimes, the BIG dog bites, the bee stings and you’re feeling sad,

And mean, ol’ Nancy Pelosi says “one o’ those things” that makes you really mad;

Sometimes, President Trump has a BAD DAY, and decides to “push the button,”

Blowing up The World, but THEN YOU HAVE ZERO WORRIES (right?)

Because there’s nut[h]tin’ ?

To be worried about any more, is there? because The World’s GONE.

Yet, LET’S FACE IT; perhaps, the Dreaded Don,

Can only blow up ONE WORLD, and there might be an infinite number,

Of WorldS, which we can visit, and this you know, ’cause, when you slumber,

You go to all sorts of exotic, unusual places and do strange things,


So, therefore, without The World,

LIFE IS (simply) NOT THE NICEST THING, y’know,

And it doesn’t matter if you’re in The World or not; you might still have to go,

To: The Moon or Jupiter, Alpha Centauri or Major or Minor Canis;

Of course, I’d rather be abreast your Milky Way or Uranus.

fin โ™ฅ

  • – like, you know, corridors like in an insane asylum.

“OUR CHURCH IS [ALMOST] FRAGRANCE FREE, THANK GOD.” a poem, Tuesday 10/01/2019.

“OUR CHURCH IS [ALMOST] FRAGRANCE FREE, THANK GOD.” a poem, Tuesday 10/01/2019.

(In our church) We love the cry of bab(i)es, for in them The Kingdom Comes,

Although it becomes “quite ripe” in here, when thatThingHappens with their bums.

We also like a lot of frankincense, for it reminds us of,

The birth of our Blessed Savior, “The Blessings of The Dove.”

We love the way our parents smell, for it reminds us of our home,

And, you know, even fresh air has an odor, so in the outdoors, we like to roam,

But ONE DAY, in walked a stranger, to worship with us HERE;

“Mommy, thatManSmellsFunny,” and the poor man shed a tear,

For he had wandered far and long and had no place to clean;

His clothes were steeped in dust and sweat, but he was kind, not mean,

For years of wandering had humbled him, so he smiled at The Child,

And seemed so shy, embarrassed; yes, he was so terribly mild.

AND AMAZINGLY, on that fine day, The Lord did worship there,

Seeking for the bles sed and THAT ODOR was so fair,

To Jesus thatHeWasAttracted, to and thanks to The Ragged Gent,

That very church is exactlyWhere OurBlessed Dear Savior went.

MORAL: “Maybe itIs that ODORS, we tend to think (of as) (are) BAD,

Are exactly what The Lord prefers, so IfYouSmellStinky, don’t be sad;

Be sad instead by cruelty and mean and nasty thought.

Remember, TheLordReadsHearts and IsAttractedTo[The]NaturalSmellsYouGot.”

fin โ™ฅ


“CHENREZIG HAVE MERCY UPON US.” a poem, Tuesday: 10/01/2019

“CHENREZIG HAVE MERCY UPON US.” a poem, Tuesday: 10/01/2019

High in the mountains, the night birds swoon;

We’re communing with Love, meditating on The Moon.

It’s a Buddhist retreat, Tibetan style,

As we sit, our elevation isA Rocky Mountain mile.

“Padme Om,” this is our home,

And I gently write this celebratory poem,

Wishing for Chenrezig’s blessings for us, as we,

Lose ourselves in every tree,

Becoming “one” with wondrous nature there,

Losing our desires; losing all our care?


Our body is a sacred yurt, Our Eternal Home.”

I gaze up, as a spider crawls;

This blessed creature to me NOW calls,

And asks me questions about “Why?” and “How?”

I have strayed so far from The Immaculate Now?

I do not answer, for I’m afraid,

The spider will bite me and end my parade.

“You need NOT fear me; I will NOT bite,”

[But it is VERY late at night]

I CAN NOW imagine the torment and pain,

Of being bit, and what would I gain?

To trust a treacherous one as this,

Yet, I have great calm suchWonderful bliss,

So, I close my eyes and breathe VERY deep,

And InTheMorning, I’mTakenToA”PoisonCenter” in a Jeep.

They tell me later, I was bit by The Queen,

The largest one of this species they’d EVER SEEN.


That “Loving Compassion is really neat,




fin โ™ฅ


Whatever Eastern Religion you encounter, there are mantras. For Tibetan Buddhists “Om Mani Padme Hum” is their mantra.

It is also recited as Om mani Padme Hung and is a mantra attributed to CHENREZIG, The Deity of Compassion and Woodland Creatures. Reciting Chenrezigโ€™s mantra brings vast and immeasurable benefits. In brief, if you recite the long mantra even just once, it purifies the negative karma of the four root downfalls of pratimoksha (individual liberation through discipline) meaning it keeps you on track with an aim for liberation of self. You also can purify the negative karma of the ten non-virtues of killing, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, slander, gossip and harsh speech, covetousness, ill will and heresy. If one recites the long mantra seven times, one-hundred lifetimes of negative karma is purified. If you recite the long mantra twenty-one times it purifies one-thousand eons of negative karma. If you recite the long mantra one-hundred-eight times, or just one round of one mala, it purifies forty-thousand eons of negative karma. In comparison, if you recite THIS poem ONCE, you absolutely get whatever blessings you might receive from all the recitations of Chenrezig’s Mantra, guaranteed, PLUS you don’t waste all that time and effort trying to learn Tibetan pronunciations and actually saying these words, which, since you are saying them to attain something, they totally lose their power anyway and draw demon creatures from the realms of Chenrezig, which come to torment & kill you.

Saying this mantra out loud or silently to oneself conjures the powerful benevolent attention & blessings of Chenrezig, the epitome of Compassion. Jun 4, 2019