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What’s an Archetype? ~

“WHAT’S AN ARCHETYPE?” a poem September 27, 2019 (Hi, Freya.)

“The Court Jester” is AN ARCHETYPE, which meansItRepresentsA PATTERN,

Showing the carefree, colorful, silly side of people.

What about The Archetype SATURN?

Well, Saturn, of course, is A PLANET, we see up in The Skies,

BUT Saturn is also an astrological “aspect;” in this, letUsBe wise,

For, The GOD SATURN is a stern, disciplined, restrictive sort of gent;

That DOESN’T MEAN HE’S REAL or that He’s Heaven Sent.

In days of old, when people were bold and had extraTime upon their hands,

Before Television and Radio , when they still TILLED THE LANDS,


Like Gods &Goddesses The Seasons, andEvenTrees couldManifestAsOurMates;

So, Almighty God, for instance, could become A SWAN,

And have s x u a l relations with a maid. TheSwanSatUpon,

Her wooHoo, BUT of course None of This was real.

BUT It made for good bedtime stories for people who had to deal,

With bestiality and incest and things that made folks hurt,

SO, MEN MADEup All this stuff, but EVERONE KNEW, (for instance):

There IS no Ernie and Bert, there is AS WE ALL KNOW NO SANTA, and Gods simply don’t exist,

But, IF YOU NEVER GROW UP, YouMight THINK THEY DO. Do you get The Gist,

Of Archetypes? & Mythology? & all things we can’t see? Point is: They’re NOT true;

They are [ONLY] descriptions of traits and things that CRAZY PEOPLE DO,


Believing all of The Archetypal Patterns? Maybe, so they won’t be “left in the lurch,”

Meaning, for instance, when a person’s about to die, THEY’RE SCARED, so they need some good news], Which is why mum or pop or Auntie Em tells them a story, ’cause The Doctors say: “Janice can’t have any booze.”] So, they hear a nice story about Heaven, where they’re going], And GOD waits for them and, of course, GOD is all knowing], And KNOWS that they have tried the best they can], So, they don’t have to go to a BAD PLACE, reserved for: “The Bad Man,”] Who, when HE dies will go to a place and commune with SA TURN], a strict, unyielding, nasty fellow, who lives where people BURN.] Isn’t THAT NICE? How we make up stories ] to make LIFE? easier And we dream up FUTURE GLORIES?] And we talk about “aspects” of ourselves, as if those things LIVE SOMEWHERE, ] Like in Majestic Palaces, floating in The Air?] And we do some really neat stuff to insure that we’re in GOOD SHAPE WHEN WE DIE,] Like we go to Meditation Centers and Churches and Temples and we eat ORGANIC rice, skipping The Cherry Pie, ] Because we figure, “If I deprive myself of things that taste or seem real good, ] Maybe Jesus will come to me and say: “Well done; welcome to The Brother[Sister]hood.”

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