J Jay Samuel Davis

“THAT SHIRT,” said The Professor, “that used to be MINE-y.” 💢💙

“DR. DOLITTLE’S SHIRT.” a poem, a.k.a.: “Little Attire Romances.” Sept. 29, 2019 Sunday

Professor Dolittle has got ADMIRERS;

For instance, one little animal never tires,

Of admiring this “sir” and calling him “Dear,”

And “HATCHING” plans, crying many a tear.

It’s his FAVORITE CHICK, a pretty girl bird;

She’s soft and cuddly and is somewhat of a nerd,

But HE ADORES HER, so he gave her his shirt,

So she could go dream, when they couldn’t quite flirt.

Recently, the shirt’s missing, and Chickie Baby’s upset.

She looked high and low, all around, so youCan bet,

That one of the other tiny animals stole it “from under,

HER BEAK,” and, as a “keepsake” is keeping the plunder.

However, ONE DAY CHICKIE FOUND IT. Yup, it was with “Tiny;”

“THAT SHIRT,” said The Professor, “that used to be MINE-y.”

But, of course, NOW it belong to: The World of The Chick,

And of The Doggie and The Kitty; they will all nuzzle and lick,

At that darn shirt, smelling its musty scent;

Now, Tiny and MimmyChick are both “hell bent,”

On exclusively possessing that shirt, whatever it takes;

They don’t want to share, for goodness’ sakes.


Then, IT’S FOUND, andTheDoctor’sNowHheardToSay:

“If I could have known that it would cause such concern,

I would have given them EACH A SHIRT; well, we live and we learn,

But I guess Little Animals really ARE ‘after me;’

NOT REALLY. It’s just my clothesTheyNeedToCuddle. Don’t you agree?”

fin ♥

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