Thanksgiving Dinner AMERICA ~ TEXAN COWBOY

Turkeys are banding together (39 days and counting ’til Thanksgiving), hoping for safety in numbers!

“AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM TURKEYS!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Be Afraid, Humans; Be VERY Afraid – Of Turkey Wrath! For Eating Us Turkeys Is A Grave Matter Because Turkey Grav(e)y Will Be On Your Lips!” October 14, 2018 = 39 days before Thanksgiving!

It’s closer now to Thanksgiving, and we’re fattening up our fowl!

Each turkey says: “EAT CHICKEN,” and it’s said now with a scrowl!

Turkeys! They used-to- just plead and cry,

But NOW THEY’RE BOLD – We-think-hormones-are-why!

They squawk and bellow – and LAY IT ON THE LINE:

“You rotten humans!! On us you dine!

And-you-THINK no karma doth attend;

Well! Just GET READY – you’ve a bitter end!

For, when you die – and you go to HEAVEN (?)

Who’s at The Gate NOW? It’s-our-grand-pappy RRevan!

RRevan’s our ancestral great, great grand-dad;

When he got to The-Pearly-Gate, Saint Peter he had!!

HE ATE HIM UP-hungrily! and-took-over-his-position,

So THEN – you’ll face our ancestors* with their ROAST-TURKEY-MISSION,

Which is: cook up all humans, who think they’re so smart!

You-don’t-even-know-when you eat us,** you always will start,

Your meals-by-paying-homage – to-our great gran’ pappy,

‘Cause you say: [”R-R-evan Turkey, thanks-a-lot-we’re-happy,

PLEASE bless this juicy-meat!!”] – and RRevan-knows-all-you-say,

For he makes little marks – for any turkey you eat – any festive day,

AND THOSE MARKS ADD RIGHT UP – you fowl (!) human scum!

RRevan Turkey! He’ll roast you all – and stick you in his tum!!” 🙂 – Yipes!!

fin <3

Postscript: (turkey scratches) THE TURKEY – at The Heavenly Gate – is RRevan (pause) up the culinary thrills! There’ll be a lot of critters eatin’! Human flesh (pause) is on the grills!

* – like RRevan

** – for Thanksgiving Dinner


By Mystic Poet

A West Texas Cowboy, seeking "fishers of (wo)men!"

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