One hair ~

“ONE HAIR.” a poem Sept. 26, 2019 (Thursday)

Idon’tKnowWhereItCameFrom, but I’ve got ONE HAIR, from The Head of Aphrodite;

It sits on my lampshade, in my bedroom; IT’S PRICELESS, and oh, so, mi ghty.

This HAIR (which sits there) speaks to me: in Greek:

“E e aya n w!” is what IT doth speak;

I did not know exactlyWhatItMeant,

So, I researched A LOT until Iwas”spent,”

And I found out ITmeans: “I love you;”

Well, I’m not exactly certain of what now I should do.

But The Other Night, you might guess, I did have a dream:

The words “HAIR TRANSPLANT,” they did “stream,”

I took it to mean that I should conspire,

With “a hair transplant specialist” to take this little wire,

Of beautiful, golden, amazing hair,

And (that’s right) transplantIT inMyHead “up there,”

Which is exactly what I did; I got a trans plant,


AND NOW, I run around The House, doing a rant,

Yelling: “Ares,* My Honey War God where are you.

I tell you IamTurning into: “Aphrodite BLUE.”

‘Cause, [I AM] so darned “horny,” I’m REALLY IN A BIND,

But I like me COWBOYS, if they tickle me behind,

For instance, our neighbor Festus, he lives next door to me,

AndHeLikes to help me out, so, I gave him my only key,

To “the backdoor,” baby; I know, but what can I do?

Because BLUE FLAMED APHRODITE is really coming through,

And she needs some tickles and scoochiesWithHerHoochie,

Even though Her Ares isn’t there for coochie coochie,

So, dang, it’s my karma, my husband’sCumBackToMe,

HE (is) FESTUS; nowI’mforced ToEndure MoNoGamy.

fin โ™ฅ

* – The God of War, who, according to The Odyssey, was one of Aphrodite’s lovers, since SHE was never very faithful to her husband Hephaestus.

* – The God of War, who, according to The Odyssey, was one of Aphrodite’s lovers, since SHE was never very faithful to her husband Hephaestus.

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