Don’t Tag yourself ~

Doug Hutcheson, please don’t tag yourself regarding man-made religion. God never created a religion in fact remember when you were a kid someone told you God sent Jesus to destroy all churches, burn all the false idols worshipping their own religions. John Lennon opened the gates when he started ” if there were no man-made religions, no countries with borders wouldn’t it be a wonderful world” yes he was before his time. Man-made religion is evil business, housing heinous crimes against children, women and men slavery. Human Trafficking. It’s not wondering folk tag themselves as ” Atheists” Doug maybe we need to stop our Judgements of Heaven, Death, God Jesus. The Bible was written by God it Jesus. Its correct term is History of ancient belief stories of man. Jesus was recorded as saying on prayer on the mountain” Our Father in Heaven” Jesus was recorded by followers only. Most folks are terrified of the thought of death and fear makes them wear a Tag its belief in a none believer cause we are afraid. This I have learnt with my mother, Father brothers and sisters leaving me here on earth. I’m the last standing Marshall Family member it was my place to nurse each one as they passed over in terrible circumstances name human should suffer the pain they did. Each one was also afraid. Cause of the unknown folk all need the to held and assurance they are staff in pending death Folk dying in the later stages welcome death. I often blog about this subject hopefully to aid a folk to be comfortable to accept their own pending fear on the deathbed they lay in. I observe a calmness of a body heart still beating even after they are pronounced brain dead. Everyone one of us faces death personally that is a certainty. No one gets out of this life alive. You do eventually come to terms with your own death. Someday you will truly come to the realization you are dying. The brain medically logical closes down. Piece washes over your face. Sit hold them feel their quiet bodies melt away. Finally, a relief of going home takes over. It is a private sacred moment in palliative care. The families left behind suffer next. Angry sorrow demanding if there was a God he would not let this happen, but that’s the life you were born to live the best you can and then we die, that is the cycle of life. It’s simple. So, therefore, why do humans need to be saved by God. We were created by sperm donation and carried by a woman to populate the would you were given as your birthright two blessings ~ hope and freedom of choice. Your choice of hope and freedom in every man and woman hands. You were born with a heart to be loving, you were born with hope to dream, you were born with a soul to give peace, loyalty, to be none judgement towards all living things. Gratitude for small gifts of true friendship all wrapped up in a box 📦 of love and kindness. Dance in the rain naked, lay naked and watch the universe. Do you think or believe you should be any man-made the religious tag or tell your private thoughts or opinions about being an atheist terminology? As science discovered long ago you can’t beat sobriety of death. Yes, I am a deep contemplation, this is my life’s choices and practices from a small child. My heart breaks with sorrow and compassion hearing folk fearing life in general. this is my advice once once spoken from the lips of Father ” The hardest thing in life is to make yourself happy and when you find your passion ” hang on and never let go” let no man or woman steal your passion from you ” ( passion is you freedom of choice) Maybe tonight someone may find something to help love a moment in time. then these few words may help you understand you are created uniquely extraordinary. Love one another. Commitment to each other, complimentary words help someone in down times. Good night dear one 💥

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