Comfy ~ in my opinion ~

“COMFY!” a poem September 12, 2019 (Thursday)

“Don’t go there.” and “Stay away from him.”

“I’m NOT comfortable (and you shouldn’t be either) with Brian or Jim,

Or Robin or any unstable girl or, even, Gladys,

Who hangs out at The Local Bar, [who is] simply a BAD A ( ) S.”

Thank GOODNESS, we can all pick and choose,

To avoid BAD VIBES and stay away from The Blues.

AND thank goodness we can all decide,

With whom we-will live and with whom we will abide,




That is the guy or gal a whole bunch of people really do not LIKE,

Like a Jesus or Buddha who would dine out with Spike,

Or Dickie or Honey you know The Bad Girl and or The Bad Boy.

To have equanimity with all you know seems like The Real McCoy,

Who is THE ONE who has transcended judgment and vibrations,

And is comfy with EVERYONE and all the various libations,

Which some say are The Devils’ Sauce,

Well, I do not know about The Devil, but I think, IF you are your own boss,

And you can accept ALL TRULY love all and go everywhere,

Visit everyone without judgment and, in a sense – not really care,

And IF your associates MIGHT BE addicts, tax collectors or sluts,


(Just my opinion)

I am simply One of The Mutts.*

fin ♥

  • – The Mutts BUT I AM NOT TRYING TO PUT MYSELF DOWN BY SAYING THAT. I JUST LIKE TO KEEP A LOW PROFILE, TRY L.O.L. to stay a bit humble and TRY L. O. L. to stay away from judgment and back biting and talking behind other people’s back(s) and ACCEPTING even what I find kind of vile, obscene, haughty, and or disrespectfully mean. Does that make any sense at ALL?
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