J Jay Samuel Davis

Bar 🎯 Hoppy ~

“A HAUTE DATE.” poem Sept. 29, 2019 (Sunday)

Try not to “lose your head” over a girl or guy;

If you do, it might really make you cry.

Of course, you maybe WON’T cry ’cause your head will have lost,

The ability to connect with your throat and lungs, so, at any cost,

IF you notice your lover can lift up a car,

Or can hop an amazing distance, going from bar to bar,*

And, if (s)he buys you lots of drink for no apparent reason,

BE CAUTIOUS, it might be a demon, who’s really just EASIN’


NOT to give you “a thrill,

And NOT to take you to bed to caress you all night;

Maybe (s)he’s just looking to kill you, all right?

fin ♥

Of course, WHAT A WAY TO GO, at the hands of a murderous chick;

It’s almost worth it. Hey? Mr. Slick?

A gal that pretty that would agree to be with you,

Well, FOR HER I’m not sure there wouldn’t be anything I wouldn’t do.

  • – called “Bar Hopping” in The United States.
Awarded 🌟the Good Boy Award 🏆

By Mystic Poet

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