Be Kind To You ~

No one can insult or hurt you without your permission. One of the golden keys to happiness and great success is the way you interpret events which unfold before you. Highly successful people are master interpreters. People who have attained greatness have an ability which they have developed to interpret negative or disempowering events as positive challenges which will assist them in growing and moving even farther up the ladder of success. There are no negative experiences only experiences which aid in your development and toughen your character so that you may soar to new heights. There are no failures, only lessons. Take a speed reading course. Reading is a powerful way to gain many years of experience from a few hours of study. For example, most biographies reflect the strategies and philosophies of great leaders or courageous individuals. Read them and model them. Speed reading will allow you to digest large quantities of material in relatively small periods of time.

Remember people’s names and treat everyone well. This habit, along with enthusiasm, is one of the great success secrets. Everyone in this world wears an imaginary button that screams out “I WANT TO FEEL IMPORTANT AND APPRECIATED!”.

Be soft as a flower when it comes to kindness but tough as thunder when it comes to principle. Be courteous and polite at all times but never be pushed around. Ensure that you are always treated with respect. Never discuss your health, wealth and other personal matters with anyone outside of your immediate family. Be very disciplined in this regard.

Be truthful, patient, persevering, modest and generous.

Soak in a warm bath at the end of a long, productive day. Reward yourself for even the smallest of achievement. Take time out for renewal of your mind, body and spirit. Soon all your more important goals will be met and you will move to the next level of peak performance. Learn the power of breathing and its relationship with your energy source. The mind is intimately connected with your breathing. For example, when the mind is agitated, your breathing becomes quick and shallow. When you are relaxed and focused, your breathing is deep and calm. By practising deep, abdominal breathing, you will develop a calm, serene demeanor that will remain cool in the hottest of circumstances. Remember the rule of the Eastern mountain men: “to breathe properly is to live properly.”

Recognize and cultivate the power of autosuggestion. It works and is an essential tool in maintaining peak performance. We are all performers in one way or another and it is particularly valuable to use such techniques of athletes and public figures for our own enhancement. If you want to become more enthusiastic, repeat “I am more enthusiastic today and am improving this trait daily”. Repeat it over and over. Purchase a legal notepad and write out this mantra 500 times. Do it for three weeks with regular practice and feel that this quality is developing. Very soon it will come. This is a strategy that Indian sages have employed for thousands of years to aid their spiritual and mental development. Do not be discouraged if the results are not immediate, they will certainly develop. The spoken word is a powerful influencer of the mind.

Maintain a diary to measure your progress and to express your thoughts. Writing out not only your successes but your troubles is one of the world’s most effective methods of erasing the worry habit, staying in optimum state and developing precision of thought.

Be Kind ~

“THE 4% SOLUTION?!” a poem, a.k.a.: “In Defense of The Catholic Church!” posted: September 9, 2019 (Monday)

“THE 4% SOLUTION?!” a poem, a.k.a.: “In Defense of The Catholic Church!” posted: September 9, 2019 (Monday)

The Church speak-eth:

“We’re NO darned better AND no blessED worse, Than other population groups in The-Multi-Verse! We’re The Catholic Church-reps – and we’re NOT s- x per-verts!

(because) ONLY 4% OF OUR PRIESTS ARE ‘GROPERS’ & THE DIOCESE ASSERTS: That ‘Given OTHER-groups, Churches-The-Boy-Scouts-School-Teachers-and-Kiwan-(u)is] – WELL, they-have-4%-of-THEIR-people-SEXUALLY-RE-PORTED, so-don-be-so-hard-n-us!!! ‘ ] ONLY 4% OF OUR SHEPHERDS – stoop – to feel-and-smooch!] WE’RE NO WORSE THAN OTHERS – ONLY 4% of US – like-to COOCH! Thus, THE MAJORITY OF CATHOLICS, leaders and lay – ARE BEYOND RE-PROACH!] So, why go around suing and bad-mouthing CATHOLIC PRIESTS?”

[One response:] “Well, JESUS IS-YOUR-COACH!]

And, sure, it might be you get sued a lot, but YOU ALL HAVE LOTS OF MONEY!

Doesn’t that suggest – You aught-to-be-a-lot more careful – about kissing Little Sonny?

And, regardless of The 4% Statistic, YOU ARE: THE CHURCH UN-I-VERSAL,

So, Catholics are held to a high, high standard! Like-you-say: THIS-IS-NO-DRESS-RE-HEARSAL!


‘Cause you KNOW you’re under scrutiny! Why The Frown?

Plus, celibacy-is-YOUR-THING, and also your-rites-of-Priesthood,

Which say: DON’T MOLEST KIDS! (pause) Maybe you should,


Just STOP – The S- x u – l Encounters!



And getting sun and exercise –


fin ♥

Luke Le bree ~ Jesus message

These days in which you walk require you to be with me in a state of peace, for I dwell within you, and I am aware of the dangers and temptations that the outer world will put upon you to destroy your oneness with myself. I will help guide you I am not space within you; I await you to accept my presents and ask for the love and advice to move forward.
Understand that the outer world has many temptations to take you away from that which is divine and of myself with my Father. Know that when I walked upon the earth as you, I was tempted by the Satan in many ways for he knew If I was to follow him all would be lost and you would no longer have a Savior. With my awareness of my mission on earth and my Father with me, I overcame everything. The final action was to clear away death and be with you on your acceptance of me and forgiveness of the sins so you can be raised up to a loving, everlasting beauty of life itself free of darkness.
Listen not to the ones in life that will take you away from my love with promises of your being rewarded for following them, go within you and ask for me in your silence and speak to me and what you want me to do for you. If I see it is in your highest good, I will guide you with My Holy Spirit. You do need to ask though, for you are my family and that places you as my God family, and free will was granted to you. Remember also you were given life to love your neighbour and be an ambassador of love from my kingdom to be a light to show others the way home. Be aware of the times you live in and draw close to me and awaken as each day unfolds. Doing this will make life more comfortable, and you will do good works automatically.
Thank you, Jesus, bless you for your kindness and unending love. Your messenger. Luke Le Bree.

You know it’s dualistic; or-do-you sense it’s dualistic ~

“GOOD MORNING, ALPINE!” a poem posted: September 9, 2019 (Monday)

You know it’s dualistic; or-do-you sense it’s dualistic;

Maybe-you-say: “It’s dualistic!” (pause) So LET’S ASSUME IT IS! (pause)

What’s THE POINT of “better and worse?” Why’s-there all-this SHOW-BIZ?

Whether-“awakened” or-“asleep,” does it really matter that much?

Remember Richard Alpert [Ram Dass]* – who finally got in touch,

With-some-of-the-finest-gurus that-money just WON’T BUY!

T[HE]y said: (pause) “The Spectrum of Mankind – goes up and down; no lie!

And whether you’re at THE BOTTOM, a-suffering ‘with the scum,’

Or at THE VERY ‘TOP,’ you’re equally ‘as dumb,’

For excellence is NOT determined, by-where-you-are-on-the-scale;

It-is MORE-ABOUT-KNOWING that whether-you’re-up-or-down-on-‘the-rail,’


I-suggest: The person who thinks (s)he’s “better-off” than others, has got a case of


Mental -ly Incompetent! or AT-BEST A NICE “COM-PLEX,”

Like maybe one of super-iority – and-NO, I’m-NOT-trying to-FLEX,

Any sort-of SUPERIOR-MUSCLE, for I’m a-RIGHT flabby lad,


You-know-WHY? because I’m glad –

Glad, I don’t have to take THIS STUFF – too seriously, for serious is BORING!

A person can-invest a-lot “in-re-la-tivity” and continue FOREVER – just “touring,”

Around “these-here parts:” (1) seeking THE TRUTH, when no-absolute truth exists,

Or-(2) TRYING to GET-BETTER – &-AVOID: S – X – addiction AND-FISTS!

But, I’m-just-saying: “Why-not Relax and Live – and try not-to-get TOO TIED DOWN,

With better and worse, awakened or not – for I-THINK-these-can-bring a-frown,

And I don’t-much care – to see a frown ON ANYONE’S FACE IN TOWN,


And-at-your-feet – I CAST THIS CROWN!

It’s “The Crown” of WINNING – and of being IN-A-BETTER-PLACE than the-rest!

But, let’s-all-realize: “The Solitary (Wo)Man on The Hill” can-become “the biggest pest,”

For, after a while, (s)he gets so “stuck” on-where-(s)he-is-and-where-(s)he-needs-to-be,

That Whenever (S)HE SEES ANYONE, (s)he says: “You-re-not-good-enough-for-me!”

fin ♥ * –

SOONER IS A GONER!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Good Choice!” September 9, 2019 (Moon Day!)

“SOONER IS A GONER!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Good Choice!” September 9, 2019 (Moon Day!)

Prelude: Sy[N]phony definition (noun): Is just a sy[M]phony you play,

While pointing out The Sins – of fellow humans ALL DAY!

If I pick-and-choose-pick-and choose TOO HARD,

Soon I am ALONE!

If I start-an’-stop-start-an’-stop TOO MUCH,

Soon my life is done!

If-I wanna interact, which [I think] is pretty good,

I better revise MY STANDARDS a-bit!


Or – IF I’m too entrenched-in-SPIRIT-an’-ME IF SO – I-mean: Well, HOW (pause)


When the ONLY person with me – is not-even-My-Jersey-Cow!?

And the people interested in me – or my continued existence – is-like ONE! or 2?

Oh! WOW!

I lookie-out-MY-window – and-There! I SEE THE DAY,

And wish for a friend (or friends) – Yeah! Friends! Friends! Hoo-ray!

But WHO WILL “deign”-to-come to-come and VISIT ME,

When-I’m-playing-a-constant and-VERY-LOUD

Unfinished SIN – (pause) phon-y!?

fin ♥