These days, SEX, this confusing, wonderful, exhilarating expression of love, attraction and desire  seems to have become a subject of the most profound misunderstanding since the beginning of time. The porn industry and so called “liberation” have been misinterpreted to the point where many now associate sex with a deep sense of insecurity, performance anxiety and a deep abyss of human low points.

Porn has of course nothing to do with liberation – only manipulation. I know, this isn’t a popular standpoint, but it’s nevertheless true. Porn has gone from slightly risque photos, or drawings, to a global marketing strategy to turn sex into a violent, cruel and often perverted act in the human mind. Nothing could be further from our instincts, our human nature and the love, we all desire and want at the core of our beings. It has managed to turn teenagers into aspiring “porn stars” (that very expression is an oxymoron) before they have the emotional or even physical maturity to understand their own sexuality.

Just like any skill or activity you want to become proficient in, sex, which is that much more entwined with our emotions and deepest feelings, it’s important to stay with the basics before you get into advanced techniques. You wouldn’t throw a nine year old out in a dangerous current or waterfall to teach it how to swim, yet this is what happens to way too many teens and even younger children when it relates to sex. They explore the web and find porn sites not even the hardest or most seasoned of humans could watch without some part of them shuddering in horror.

That kind of sex has nothing whatsoever to do with the playfulness, the delight, the warm feelings of sharing, of safely exploring this wondrous aspect of human life. I wouldn’t even call it sex, at all.

I lived with a porn addict and fetishist for a few years. I had up to that time never ever encountered anything remotely like it. And just like any addict, he was very good at manipulating and lying in a way that had me utterly confused for too long (now when I have 20/20 vision in the rear view mirror I’d have left him after a fortnight). That said, just to explain how I even got started examining and scrutinizing the porn industry and my deep sense of sadness for anyone who confuses porn with sex. They miss out on the most delicious experience.

Since I have always had a zest for life, for love, for play and sensuality, this experience resulted in a book. I wanted to give examples of how pleasurable and fun sex, and love, can be while also describing what it is our children are subjected to nowadays, without any guidance. SEX is meant to be heavenly and the easiest and fastest way to experience that is to generously, and on every occasion season it with obscene amounts of (self-) LOVE.


Luke Le Bree~

Jesus message.
It was written when I dwelt among you that I would teach and show you love and the dwelling of the Father on earth. Then I would need to leave you and return to the Highest light after being tortured and nailed to the cross. This had to take place so you my beautiful and caring ones will spread my word to all, for there time will come, to come home to me and the Father. But before that we send you our Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen you and give you our messages. Trust in the highest uplifted’s and personnel touching’s of your heart. Look not towards self righteousness but live it in the love of life itself. The day will come and you will no longer serve me but be one in our family of God. your roles you will live out will be that of placing life as the most beautiful and important gift to offer. As a part of God of course you will be forever connected and loved by us your trinity God. Be strong now in your quest to be a God of divine love, let your connection be real and not a dream. Be that light the life on earth follow along with the living energy we your life giver freely give. Let those that choose otherwise be gone for life will be withdrawn and a new beginning in another place will begin.
I AM, the breathe that will share forever with you. I AM.
I wish to thank you, Luke for your courage my beautiful servant.

Perfection in the eye of the beholder ~

“THE EYE(S) OF GOD!” a poem “Perfection Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder!” September 2, 2019 (Monday)

Inside and out! Outside and in!

“A mind for business, and-a-body for ‘sin!’ “

(You’re) The Most Beautiful Woman, I’ll-e-ever see,

Today or whenever; you’re just-right for me!

Such a good fit! “Perfect,” I’d say;

You-say: “I SEE Y O U! You-you, all-day,

But how can you see ME as perfect? (It’s) alarming,

But you’re right; I’m-for-you, My Bonny Prince Charming!”

The “fact” of the matter – is really quite clear,

When you-love-someone LOTS! (pause) Even-when-you-get-near,

You’re experiencing them the-way-that-“God”-does, you-know,

And – through-the[se]-“God’s-Eye[s],” you’ve-a soft, hallowed glow,

And-a PERFECTly DIVINE look, sound – and smell;

I’m sure I would still love you, [if-you’re] straight from some H – L L!

I am simply in awe and in love with you, Dear;

Through the eye(s) of The God-of-Love – you-have-no possible peer!

You-are, Yes, to me – PERFECT & WHOLE;

God sees-us all-truly, deep down to our “soul!”

And (S)He falls quite in love with us – ev-ery day!

My eye(s) now is (are) God’s,

So you’re-PERFECT, I say!

fin ♥

Garden of Eden ~

“YOU JUST NEED A LITTLE WATER TO WATER THE GARDEN, AND I HOPE YOU’LL FORGIVE ME, IF I BEG YOUR PARDON!” a poem a.k.a.: “I Mean!?” a.k.a.: “Wilderness?” 2 September 2019 (Monday)

Just IN! Oh, my gosh! Yes, it’s con-firmed:

“The Wilderness Experience Jesus Had With ‘The Devil,’ ” we’ve just learned,

From several Jewish scholars – that this represents a “honeymoon,”

For Jesus!!!!! with (?) Well, that cra-azy loon!

So, all that 40 days – fasting and temptation,

Is just figurative!!! It’s REALLY – about The Jubilation,

The Excitement! and Wonder! of being with your Lady Love,

(The Little Devil!) Who is sent to you from Heaven Above!

THE NUMBER “40” – just means: “An appropriate period,”

And “the temptations?” represent – a myriad,

Of sensual encounters – for bride and groom!

It’s NO WONDER that Jesus talked a lot about wedding feasts!


So, let’s speculate – on what REALLY occurred:

These two lovers – might-have flown-off together, on a big, silver bird,

Maybe El-Al, the-Israeli air-line,

To America, “The Wilderness,” but kind-of Divine!

Out there, Mariam (or whomever) would have prompted her “virgin” guy,

To take “a leap of faith” and eat, not bread, but some cherry pie,

That “turning rocks to bread?” could have been about his head,

Turning her tummy – into a delicious Kingdom of Joy,

Maybe a girl! Maybe a boy!

But a good Jewish kid’s always good for a Rabbi,

Like Jesus of Nazareth, “The Apple of Her Eye!”

MORAL: “The kingdoms of This World – can all be given to you, If you find the right girl, one who's so true, Who will transform her wilderness - back into The-Garden of-Eden!"

(When you started this poem, was there any way you could have told,

Where it was leadin’?!)

fin ♥

If you only knew~

“IF YOU ONLY KNEW!” a poem September 2, 2019 (Labor Day Monday!)

If you only knew how much I adore you, you’d probably say:

“I HAD NO IDEA; there’s just NO WAY,

I could-EVER imagine ANYONE loving me THAT much,

Yearning to be with me – and to-feel my touch!”

(to herself): “Maybe he’s RIGHT! He probably DOES love me more than I love him,

‘Cause his love is so desperately deep, so MUCH MORE than ‘a whim,’

Or ‘a fancy’ or ‘a crush’ or-‘a-swoon’-or-‘a-fall,’

Or ‘an-eternal-longing!’ Gosh! [His-love:] IT, I-don’t-even-know-what-to-call!

You-know? The way he feels?

THERE-ARE NO-WORDS! My being – just reels!”

(him): “Well, I call it: ‘a kissie-cooch coochie-woochie-woo,

Woo-yum, my bunny-honey-boo!’

I hope that’s OK, I-hope-IT’s-OK with you,

But, I’m just ‘head-or-heels-in-LOVE!’ I-do-a-lot-of-‘floating,’ I do!”

fin ♥

Thanksgiving Dinner AMERICA ~ TEXAN COWBOY

Turkeys are banding together (39 days and counting ’til Thanksgiving), hoping for safety in numbers!

“AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM TURKEYS!” a poem. a.k.a.: “Be Afraid, Humans; Be VERY Afraid – Of Turkey Wrath! For Eating Us Turkeys Is A Grave Matter Because Turkey Grav(e)y Will Be On Your Lips!” October 14, 2018 = 39 days before Thanksgiving!

It’s closer now to Thanksgiving, and we’re fattening up our fowl!

Each turkey says: “EAT CHICKEN,” and it’s said now with a scrowl!

Turkeys! They used-to- just plead and cry,

But NOW THEY’RE BOLD – We-think-hormones-are-why!

They squawk and bellow – and LAY IT ON THE LINE:

“You rotten humans!! On us you dine!

And-you-THINK no karma doth attend;

Well! Just GET READY – you’ve a bitter end!

For, when you die – and you go to HEAVEN (?)

Who’s at The Gate NOW? It’s-our-grand-pappy RRevan!

RRevan’s our ancestral great, great grand-dad;

When he got to The-Pearly-Gate, Saint Peter he had!!

HE ATE HIM UP-hungrily! and-took-over-his-position,

So THEN – you’ll face our ancestors* with their ROAST-TURKEY-MISSION,

Which is: cook up all humans, who think they’re so smart!

You-don’t-even-know-when you eat us,** you always will start,

Your meals-by-paying-homage – to-our great gran’ pappy,

‘Cause you say: [”R-R-evan Turkey, thanks-a-lot-we’re-happy,

PLEASE bless this juicy-meat!!”] – and RRevan-knows-all-you-say,

For he makes little marks – for any turkey you eat – any festive day,

AND THOSE MARKS ADD RIGHT UP – you fowl (!) human scum!

RRevan Turkey! He’ll roast you all – and stick you in his tum!!” 🙂 – Yipes!!

fin <3

Postscript: (turkey scratches) THE TURKEY – at The Heavenly Gate – is RRevan (pause) up the culinary thrills! There’ll be a lot of critters eatin’! Human flesh (pause) is on the grills!

* – like RRevan

** – for Thanksgiving Dinner