These days, SEX, this confusing, wonderful, exhilarating expression of love, attraction and desire  seems to have become a subject of the most profound misunderstanding since the beginning of time. The porn industry and so called β€œliberation” have been misinterpreted to the point where many now associate sex with a deep sense of insecurity, performance anxiety […]


Perfection in the eye of the beholder ~

“THE EYE(S) OF GOD!” a poem “Perfection Is In The Eyes Of The Beholder!” September 2, 2019 (Monday) Inside and out! Outside and in! “A mind for business, and-a-body for ‘sin!’ “ (You’re) The Most Beautiful Woman, I’ll-e-ever see, Today or whenever; you’re just-right for me! Such a good fit! “Perfect,” I’d say; You-say: “I […]

Garden of Eden ~

“YOU JUST NEED A LITTLE WATER TO WATER THE GARDEN, AND I HOPE YOU’LL FORGIVE ME, IF I BEG YOUR PARDON!” a poem a.k.a.: “I Mean!?” a.k.a.: “Wilderness?” 2 September 2019 (Monday) Just IN! Oh, my gosh! Yes, it’s con-firmed: “The Wilderness Experience Jesus Had With ‘The Devil,’ ” we’ve just learned, From several Jewish […]

If you only knew~

“IF YOU ONLY KNEW!” a poem September 2, 2019 (Labor Day Monday!) If you only knew how much I adore you, you’d probably say: “I HAD NO IDEA; there’s just NO WAY, I could-EVER imagine ANYONE loving me THAT much, Yearning to be with me – and to-feel my touch!” (to herself): “Maybe he’s RIGHT! […]

Thanksgiving Dinner AMERICA ~ TEXAN COWBOY

Turkeys are banding together (39 days and counting ’til Thanksgiving), hoping for safety in numbers! β€œAN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM TURKEYS!” a poem. a.k.a.: β€œBe Afraid, Humans; Be VERY Afraid – Of Turkey Wrath! For Eating Us Turkeys Is A Grave Matter Because Turkey Grav(e)y Will Be On Your Lips!” October 14, 2018 = 39 days […]

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