Luke Le Bree ~

The greatest pearl of life which had the greatest value was and is God’s love. Now, without most of what the world to be classes as valuable I have been given life yto be Love, and share it all. How blessed I am, for when I have found myself in your presence and looked upon your words I have found God in you. This has thrilled me and in reflection brought tears of love to my eyes. Being one with God has offered me the opportunity to love the God in you. I am calling to each of you from a place within me that is saying….”‘ lets walk in truth ” and become the expression of unity that makes us one in the sight of heaven or higher vibrations as some would call it. Let our love be unlimited, so that within us we will walk in freedom and joy as a child of the I AM.
Luke Le Bree


The Boogie Man ~

“DARK!” a poem 1 September 2019 (Sunday)

They say: “Don’t speak EVER! of death, taxes and/or s – x!
They’re ‘taboo’ and uncomfortable! and you might place ‘a hex,’
On somebody-by so- speaking of subjects like that!”

WELL, NOW (just watch me) –

But I try-to-be respectful – not obscene, but-a-little-“juicy!”
Informative! and Probing! but – NOT-to-violate your-“caboose-y!”

Of course, I apologize – a thousand times a day,
And-at-least-twice-on-Sunday! Please tell-me I MAY,
Approach every subject, with insight and humor,
And banish “ta-boo,” so-there’s-no-“dark,” silly-rumor!

I think “hidden things” tend-to-“fester” over-time,
If left-alone-in the dark?
Well, that-may be-a crime:

For a-crime can-develop – from the-lack of shining-light,
On something YOU THINK – may engender some fright!


“BOOGER”-is quite-nice, really, if-you only will SEE,
HIM-FOR-WHAT-HE-IS, which-is-a misunderstood sage!


fin <3

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Who are you? Oh my, drunk again 😂

“WHAT ABOUT: OPEN? RELATIONSHIPS!?” a poem September 1, 2019 (Sunday, SUNdie!)

We’re open and sensible, practical and cool,

We “got it together!” We’re “nobody’s fool!”

But, Sweetie, just know: THAT MY BED’s- NOT-used-to ANY,

Except-you (and our doggie) which-isn’t too many,

Which-is the-way that I like-it, for-in-this-Crazy-World,

I yearn just for YOU; my “handle” is “pearled,”

So The World’s-only-“my-oyster” IF you’re The-Pearl here,

In my-bed and my-arms, and just-know-THIS, Dear:

Can you really imagine ME? Waking? in-bed-with-another?

I’d open my eyes – and throw-back the cover,

And look in astonishment and horror at “her,”

And, even if she’s pretty and is-inclined to-go “purr,”


(NOT meaning to be disrespectful – to my com – pa -ny!)


I’d say:

“WHO ARE YOU?” and “Where is my _ _ __?”*

fin <3

  • Check the “correct” box! [and YOU know which one it is]:


□ Kim

□ Mim




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Dear Alice ~

Home Again ❤️

“HOMEWARD BOUND! SWEET HOME FOUND!” a poem to usher in September 1, 2019 (Sunday)

HOME AGAIN! (I am!) having [quite] enjoyed the last two legs of my trek!

‘Twas a perilous journey;

I had to “work down” from The Neck!

Yes, The Wolf Neck Woods State Park,

Where I was waylaid temporarily – by-an excellent-bottle-of-Cutty-Sark!

I passed through “an angry bird’s” trecherous “pecs,”

Down the woodland clearing, into-a moderate vortex!

The gentle bush land beckoned, and I hastened to get through,

To my home and all its blessings, which, of-course, I-only-knew,

From precious memories – of long, long ago,


I-came-upon “the entrance!”

“Ho! Ho! Ho!”

There were smells I remembered, as a tiny child,

And the lightly humidified walls were so pleasant and mild,


Which once was my mother’s; then-[was]-transferred to-Dear-Alice!

But Alice doesn’t live here any more;

It is-now given-to-Margaret – to-open the door,

To “spread” “The Welcome Mat” and let her lover in!

I am home! I am home! and-free from sin,

With my new mother, loving and ever true,

With something extra!

And-many fun-things-to-do!

fin ♥

The Better ~

“THE BETTER!” a short poem for: Sunday, September 1st (2019)

It’s-“GOOD” to invite your pastor home for dinner!

But, it’s even-”BETTER,” to-go-“out-there” and-seek-Ye “a-sinner!?”

For, the only one you TRULY – think is-a-sinner,

Is always AN ANGEL in disguise,

Who has just hidden “her” self! a way from your eyes,

‘Cause ANGELS KNOW: The REAL-nice people help “The Weak,”

“The Destitute!”




fin ♥

“EVERYTHING IS SACRIFICED HERE!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Is There A Plan B?” September 1, 2019 [SUNDAY]

“EVERYTHING IS SACRIFICED HERE!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Is There A Plan B?” September 1, 2019 [SUNDAY]

“We don’t need THIS, Mr. Mystic Poet;

Surely-NOT ‘this one;’ Surely, you know it!

NO-NO-NO-NO; we ask kindly that-you spare US!

We’ll stop reading HERE!” “OK!? (pause) Even-if I-promise NOT-t’-cuss?

I’ll just-write whatever occurs to me,

About: SACRIFICE, sacri- f-i- cially:”

Here, it’s “Dog Eat Dog!” and “Survival of Those Most Fit?!”

“Live and Let Die!”

Of course, I’m just “a twit,”

Writing of-how Jesus died, as an example of GOD!?

A sacrifice – of HIMself! Which, around-here, means: HIS BOD;


“Eat others – to live!” Yet, yes, I really care,


But “SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST” means-that Trump, with all his wealth,

Is surviving VERY WELL, as long as societies see LOTS OF MON- EE,

As-a BIG-PLUS, rather than something close-to in-fam – EE!

INFAMY! by-those with MUCH-more than they need,

And never really sharing, as they watch others bleed,

And be “kept out,” from, perhaps, getting a little share!

Oh, well, THAT’S LIFE AND DEATH, but I-smell no-death-in-the-air,

Because the dead smell’s been sanitized with odor spray or a raging fire!

It’s pretty obvious that THIS PLACE supports “THE CLEVER BUYER,”

Who declares: “WE CAN ALL LIVE AND LET LIVE!?”

And-then (s)he goes to survey for dinner, what The Slaughterhouse might give!

“We didn’t like THAT TEACHING, Mystic Poet; it hurt our ears!”

“Sleep well, Dear Friends! May a PLAN B(e)-available, allowing-us to-sleep, Through-our-tears!”

fin ♥

Luke Le Bree~

Let it be remembered that our beautiful God Jesus life was taken by the ruler of this world, not because he had less power but Jesus did the will of the Father. For he so loved him and followed his commandments. Within their oneness they never left you but sent The Holy Spirit so you will forever remain in touch with Jesus and the power of the Father by the wonderful spirit you will be baptized with. The trinity is your beautiful God and the day will come and for all who love the perfection ,the ruler of this world will be powerless to control you in the moments of both rapture of the dead in Christ and those living with the Holy Spirit guiding to the golden moment when you will rise also.
Then in years later after your rapture you will show the world your return to take all home who have surrendered to the love and ways of God. The Holy Spirit will guide and show you all that our God the Father and Jesus has told him and all that have loved the fullness of truth will come home . the ruler of this world you are on now will be know more in any power over you. I as one of your messengers will bathe in Gods loving words and be guided by the Holy Spirit to serve you to that day I will no longer be a servant but one with our Almighty.
( I was shown and given this message today to share with you. I have fully trusted in what I believed I received. For Love can only return to love if you step out in the guidance given. In Jesus name, Love Always.
Luke Le Bree.