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Memories of Breast Feeding ~

“PERFECT MEMORY!” a poem for the last day of August, the 31st of Aug. 2019! “PERFECT! 38 Double-D’s!!! ” my friend kept whispering to me throughout dinner! I WISHED – he’s SHUT-UP Isn’t it obvious? – He’s-a big, ol’ sinner! (I thought) “I wish he’d get his mind on something else and let me eat […]

Without warning ~

“GOD’S CANCER!?” a poem 31 August 2019 (Saturday) Without warning! on some lovely day, IT STARTED “GOING,” in-an unusual way! A growth! which just looked at me – and would not heal! “Now, what is this?” I said; “What kind of deal, Is THIS? growing all day long, Getting big – and puffy – and […]

Zeb ~

“EVERYONE’S GOT TO DECIDE IF & HOW THEY’RE GOING TO DIE!” a poem, August 31, 2019 (Saturday) I-USED-to: get-on-the-phone, on-the-phone, on-the-phone, with-Zeb all-day, About philosophy & considerations & strategies – for a better way! & HOW-TO and WHY-NOT & about how important it-is to talk, And-we’d talk and talk often about-time, according-to-“The-Appropriate-Clock!” Zeb-&-I would talk […]

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