J Jay Samuel Davis

You- CAN spend all your time on the phone and a-sleeping~

You- CAN spend all your time on the phone and a-sleeping;

“A GOOD STATE!?” a poem August 26, 2019 (Monday)

That-MIGHT-seem like-a good id-e-a!]

But, I dunno! The body (and mind? and spirit?) might suffer! And other stuff might start to be-a,

Little down! (pause)

And then your life might go down-a-the-drain!

Is THAT now what you really want?

Can’t too much lounging – turn out to be quite the strain!?

You’d think that lounging – would always relax you,

So you can be peaceful & calm,

But without some balance, you might just BLOW! (pause)


And, then, who’s gonna piece you back together again,

To have peace? (pause)

For, “Lying-in-Pieces,” (pause)


fin โ™ฅ

But I “LOVE-YOU-TO-PIECES!” How can you say that?

I want to sleep lots be-on-the-phone and tap, tap!

I think it-is healthy, and it’s what I want to do!

I want to talk! and – s – – – – s – – – – s – – – -!

That’s what (s)he said; then (s)he went up to Heaven,

With all of The Saints! and her boyfriend Kevin!*

And they lounged-and-called-and-cooed FOREVER, ’til all cows did fly!

Things are lighter in Heaven! So, please don’t-you cry!

  • – In Celtic or Gaelic, this name means: “gentle” or “attractive!”