Luke Le Bree

As you enter the moment in times when you will feel me close to you for you are living through the shedding of your shell and you will feel the life energy of the new life you are starting to change into. You will become aware how your old ways are no more but are like a fresh spring morning with love and freshness coming to introduce your true self. Hopefulness is returning to new creative loving thoughts of the Father and I will smile and dry your tears with the breeze of life. You will start to feel life within not outside of you and you will then start to create your loving environment around you with other people who seek the joys of freedom and faithfulness. New beginnings are already starting your heart to work as it was created to do. from the ways of old testament to new testament now I am with you with many angels to help you move from your pains to the new beginnings. count not the moments but live them for you will be blessed as you walk the path, you will save the young ones from being led into slavery of the money people who feel life is control and exult themselves to be admired. when the truth lays with the happy flute player and showing love towards your mother earth. CALL OUT IN LOVE WITH THE CREATOR OF ALL LOVE AND PRAIZE THE GIFT HE GIVES TO YO AND ALL WILL FOLLOW.. THE TIMES FOR THIS MOVEMENT HAS AND IS STARTING TO MOVE , WORRY NOT FOR YOUR FEARS FOR MY ANGELS WILL BE THERE TO SMILE AND HELP YOU COME THROUGH THE BEAUTY GOD OUR FATHER IS. . LET NO SMALL MIND SWAY YOU FOR YOU HAVE HEAVEN PREPARED TO WALK WITH YOU. Let darkness go for its power only controlled you when you feared it and lived the lies it sprayed you with through your media.. Be BLESSED AND WITH GODS BLESSING LET MYSELF HELP YOU THROUGH FOR YOUNG AND OLD AND THE PRODUCES OF LIFE IN ADULTHOOD WIL BE A FREEDOM OF JOY TO SHARE. JESUS