Love endlessly ~ Wisdom

As we grown-up intelligent compassionate human we have seen it all. The saddest part is one isn’t able to place old heads on young shoulders honey. Grown-up folk who have travelled through life have so much information to share younger generations starting out with rose painted glasses to conquer the world. Making mistakes is ok. MAKING the same mistake again was not ok. Grown-up folk all have remorse for somethings in past lives that happened. Yesterday is gone, its like a dead rose that has no LIFE so let it be. Tomorrow was NEVER promise to anyone, what grown-ups learn, in the final scenario it’s how we deal with past mistakes that matter. To be unconditionally LOVED first we allow ourselves to love yourself, love your partner with gusto and cherish all you are. The best friend, a devoted humanitarian to all living things. My Father taught me if in your lifetime, if you help just one living thing to live in peace, food, a bed to sleep you then you achieved. Imagine that, what a wonderful world it would be. You have achieved every once of knowledge base you possess. All these these small words are you. Congratulations you a giant among men. Your time is right now. You own that journey yes at times you thought it was too horrible to survive. Survive you did against all odds. You were blessed to have lived THROUGH life, your rights are you made into the class called wisdom. Welcome home my dear human.


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