Luke Le Bree ~ Jesus Message

All that was written bout me from the words of John are true, and he came to the times you now live, prepare yourself for the glory and the love that is to bestowed upon all I have called and most suffered at the hands of the self righteousness but continued there work of love so all people can freely choose the wisdom I laid in there hearts for only in that way you had freedom to be my children or full of workings of your own making. I suffered as a man among you so you could see My Fathers good works yet you crucified me as not a true God, Today most don’t believe in our love and kingdom and follow falseness and self made images of yourselves mankind without worth only control and suffering. Awards to ones who utter words to be popular and still they live in the world in a final Babylon .
My wonderful children who have hearts of love and praise my Father and the Holy Spirit, Know for you to be wise our producers of heavenly love and give birth to more of my children you complete the cycle of love , now hear my voice in all your hearts we are one and in the angels music and love will help you to the only reward LOVE UNLIMITED. chosen freely by you. I AM. Jesus.
Thank you beautiful Heavenly God Jesus for the honour of writing your messages. 💐