Rock Star ~

“Si eX ee!” a poem about the unmentionable four-letter adjective! August 10, 2019 (SATURDAY)

One day, a girl said: “You’re so s – x – !” but-y’-know, I-didn’ take “no-stock;”

I simply said: “Whatever! I’m-’bout as s – x – as a ROCK!”*

However, as the day proceeded, I noticed many-a-strange thing:

Girls, for-instance, would just follow me, each with her OWN diamond ring?!

There were “stars in their eyes,” with s – x – , thick thighs,

And I heard throughout the day (that’s right!) sighs! and cries,

Like: “You’re SO s – x – ; please! marry me,

Or come live with me and I’ll give you ANYTHING! if you just agree,

To just – LOVE ME! and ROLL ME AROUND, for the rest of my life!

And it CERTAINLY WOULDN’T HURT – if you made me your wife!?”

I-mean – I was appreciative (I guess) for all this attention,

But then – gays & older-folks & young things started doing stuff I can’t-even mention!!

All of them (like I said) with “STARS IN THEIR EYES,” & then animals came around,

Tapping on the window at night!! and there was even a hound,

Who knocked down “the back door,” while I was in bed,

Just “rolled in” with me, licked-me ’til I cried – and then, even said:

“Wa-wuv-woo-wa-wuv-woo, woof, woof, woof (pause) woof,”

And I KNEW THAT-meant: I-was-s – x – ! You-know, just-“prime-meat-on-the-hoof!”

Anyway! WHAT’S S – X – ? I guess IF enough “entient-beings” say you are,

You should probably just “roll with it!!!” Hardy! Har-Har!

I KNOW [that] I’m NOBODY! NOTHIN’! & (like I said) ’bout as s – x – AS A ROCK,

BUT – If everyone’s into rocks, maybe that makes you A ROCK STAR & they’ll flock,

Asking for: Your Attention! or Your Blessing! or your “hand!”

🙂 – So, I guess rocks CAN BE s – x – !

[Sometimes-a-whole-lotta-folks decide-to: LOVE THE LAND!?]

fin <3

  • – “A rolling stone gathers no moss!” Anon. “Getting your ‘rocks’ off can be fun!?” also Anon.
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