~ Cotton Song – Jean Toomer

Come, brother, come. Lets lift it;
come now, hewit! roll away!
Shackles fall upon the Judgment Day
But lets not wait for it.

God’s body’s got a soul,
Bodies like to roll the soul,
Cant blame God if we dont roll,
Come, brother, roll, roll!

Cotton bales are the fleecy way,
Weary sinner’s bare feet trod,
Softly, softly to the throne of God,
“We aint agwine t wait until th Judgment Day!

Nassur; nassur,
Eoho, eoho, roll away!
We aint agwine to wait until th Judgment Day!”

God’s body’s got a soul,
Bodies like to roll the soul,
Cant blame God if we dont roll,
Come, brother, roll, roll!

~ Cotton Song – Jean Toomer


They either stay calm and “deal with it?” Or – THEY TOO – START T ‘-CUS-S!

“ANGER!” a poem August 26, 2019 (August)

Should you be FREE? from anger? is it ever pos-s-i-ble?

What of: “Righteous Indignation?” Remember, “The Money Changers’ Booths” Were tos-s-a-ble, At least-by-an ANGRY JESUS! Was that guy out-a control?

AND: Did that story really ever happen? TRUTH!? (L. O. L.!) is “on patrol!”

Does The Enlightened One never get angry? or does he do it on purpose? Is it OK-IF you recognize “the rage?” Is anger like gas for a baby, and God’ll simply-burp-us?

But – all-rhyming-aside, can ANGER really be good or bad?

Isn’t it just something that happens!? That some of us called: “MAD!”

It certainly has an effect – on the people around u-s-s!

They either stay calm and “deal with it?” Or – THEY TOO – START T ‘-CUS-S!

If YOU get mad, in front of ME – I think you’re “my reflection,”

And we’re getting angry, at-the-same-time – or-maybe-just-me! AND, CAN AN ANGRY INFLECTION,

Be turned around – INTO LAUGHTER? When you “see” how ridiculous you look!

But, face-it! WE ALL LOOK SO RIDICULOUS anyway, but angER (SEEMS-to-be-able-TO-REALLY) “COOK.

MY GOOSE,” for-when-it’s-on-the-loose,

It’s hypnotic noose,

Can choke you pretty good then,

AND-LATER – some-physical-sickness-it-can-sen[d].

With: REGRET! Embarrassment!

And-downright AMAZEMENT,

That I – can be “set-off” “in the twinkling of an eye!”

It (just) emphasizes – this fragile, frail THING!

I spy,

When I look in the mirror – and shake my head!

Some people look SO harshly, they want to be dead!

For, I think, most people don’t think ANGER – has a healing touch!

But, like war, isn’t there a time for anger? or Am I reaching far TOO MUCH,

Seeking answers? to questions I have, perhaps, been told I should ask?


A mask of APPARENT? understanding! A mask of con-descension!

PEOPLE GET ANGRY! That’s what happens sometimes! in-ThIS 3rd-Dimension!

fin ♥

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You- CAN spend all your time on the phone and a-sleeping~

You- CAN spend all your time on the phone and a-sleeping;

“A GOOD STATE!?” a poem August 26, 2019 (Monday)

That-MIGHT-seem like-a good id-e-a!]

But, I dunno! The body (and mind? and spirit?) might suffer! And other stuff might start to be-a,

Little down! (pause)

And then your life might go down-a-the-drain!

Is THAT now what you really want?

Can’t too much lounging – turn out to be quite the strain!?

You’d think that lounging – would always relax you,

So you can be peaceful & calm,

But without some balance, you might just BLOW! (pause)


And, then, who’s gonna piece you back together again,

To have peace? (pause)

For, “Lying-in-Pieces,” (pause)


fin ♥

But I “LOVE-YOU-TO-PIECES!” How can you say that?

I want to sleep lots be-on-the-phone and tap, tap!

I think it-is healthy, and it’s what I want to do!

I want to talk! and – s – – – – s – – – – s – – – -!

That’s what (s)he said; then (s)he went up to Heaven,

With all of The Saints! and her boyfriend Kevin!*

And they lounged-and-called-and-cooed FOREVER, ’til all cows did fly!

Things are lighter in Heaven! So, please don’t-you cry!

  • – In Celtic or Gaelic, this name means: “gentle” or “attractive!”

Open your orifices ~

“TWO!” a poem August 26, 2019 (Monday)


2 points of VIEW.]

1 – You gotta change (for the “better!”) 2 – ONLY IF YOU WANT TO ]

1 – Change is GOO-oo-d; we NEED TO EVOLVE!

2 – What-are-you trying to solve?

1 – New paradigm!! Goo-oo-oo-d

2 – Old paradigm!! You-might-still-use-it-sometimes-You-could!


2 – OK! Why? Is “GOT TO” served in a “sacred cup?”

1 – BE WATCHFUL (for) (about) THAT! 2 – I’m blind?!]

1 – Open your eyes!

2 – I’m feelin’ fine!]


2 – No, I’m too scared! ] 🙂

1 – See! I’m superior!

2 – As if I cared!]

1 – SUPERIOR! 2 – Just fine!] 1 – Awake! 2 – In the mind] 1 – AGREE!

2 – OK, whatever!]

1 – I WIN! 2 – You’re SO clever!]

fin ♥

1 – You make me SO MAD!


1 – But, I’m FREE of-IT!

2 – Moral: “A buried tick festers BLUE!”]

[The Mystic Poet!?]