Knock me out with a feather

“COME PLAY!” a poem August 22, 2019 (Thursday) I CAN-imagine I’ve “figured it out!” or-that-I-HAVE “got-it-together,” But all I need is a day or two – and you-can knock me over with-a-feather, Because NO ONE’s so great in this Great Mystery to stand out all that much, Or-for very long, Ye Powerful People! “Midas, will-you […]


Fool’s paradise ~ lesson regretted

A FORCE OF NATURE, IF YOU WOULD!” a poem, written too late to remember:* “GOD’S A DRUNK!” ‘Round and ’round; I [repeatedly] say this-thing, so where-am-I-bound? God’s a drunk, but God is GOOD, “A force of nature” always could, Determine what to do RIGHT NOW; There’s no hesitancy-in-a-horny-cow! NO INHIBITIONS! A FORCE OF NATURE, IS […]

A 7 weeks old Baby Boy is fighting for his life after being bashed by his Father

A 7 week old baby boy is fighting for his life after allegedly being bashed by his 26 year old โ€œfather.โ€ A seven-week-old baby boy is fighting for life in hospital after he was allegedly assaulted by his 26-year-old โ€œfather.โ€ We at FACAA refuse to call this so called man a father without the โ€œquotation […]

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